Homemakers' Haven: The Daily 'Ta Da!' List

If you are like me, you LOVE to make lists!
And, if you are like me, you love to check things off. They're DONE!!
Most people call these 'To Do Lists'.
I call it my 'Ta Da List', as in I say "Ta Da!" when it's all done.

I have a 3-ring binder now which holds all of my lists for the day,
the week, the month, the year. For this page, I'll concentrate on
my Daily Ta Da List.

* Morning Routine:
- Get Dressed to Shoes including Hair/Face, Brush Teeth
- Make Bed
- Swish & Swipe the Upstairs bathroom
- Coffee, Breakfast, Vitamins
- Drink some water
- Empty Dishwasher or dish drainer if it hasn't been emptied the night before
- Start a Load of Laundry
- Check the Family Calendar
- Check My 'Playbook'
- Check and answer emails

* Mid - Morning Routine:
- What's For Dinner? Check the Weekly Menu and take something out to thaw
- Wash the Breakfast Dishes
- Swish & Swipe the Downstairs bathroom
- Drink some water
- Reboot the Laundry
- Declutter one visible area for just 15 minutes

* Lunchtime Routine:
- Prepare lunch
- Everyone sits down at the table to eat together
- Drink some water
- Wash little hands and little faces
- 15 minutes of quiet time with a story before nap for the little ones
- Nap time for the little ones
- Wash up the lunch dishes

* Early Afternoon Routine:
- Get the water bottle ready
- Wii time (30 minutes)
- Drink some water
- Take care of the lunch dishes
- Complete the Daily Mission from My 'Playbook'

* After Nap Routine:
- Play with the kiddos
- Greet the older ones when they arrive home from school
- Snack time (something healthful)
- Drink some water
- Get the kiddos ready to leave with their parents

* Dinner Routine:
- Prepare dinner
- Feed the dog his dinner
- Clean as I go (wash the pots, pans, mixing bowls, etc)
- Drink some water
- Sit down as a family for dinner
- Wash up the dinner dishes
- Wipe down the stove and the counter tops
- Rinse down and dry out the kitchen sink
- Wipe out the microwave

* Evening Routine:
- Meetings outside of the home
- Drink some water
- Check emails
- Watch some TV, or watch the other family members on the Wii

* Before Bed Routine:
- Lay out my clothes for tomorrow
- Check the family calendar for any appointments tomorrow
- Put things needed for tomorrow at the Launch Pad area
- Spend 2 Minutes clearing some clutter from the kitchen
- Wash face/Brush Teeth/Take shower
- Wipe down the bathroom counter top and rinse out and dry the sink
- Go to bed at a decent hour

It looks like a lot of things to do, but if you choose only one and
begin to make that one a habit for you, the rest will follow.

And remember, what works for me may not work for you.
A Ta Da List is a personal list, one that fits you and your family.
So adapt it and change it as many times as you feel you need to
until it feels 'right' for you and your family. It took me over a year
to make it feel 'natural'.

What I can tell you, though, is this:
once you have a Routine in place, and by that I mean 'daily habits',
you are on automatic pilot there's no stopping you! It spreads throughout
your family and throughout your home.
And the peace that descends is priceless!

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