All Around the House forum: Week Three - The Bathrooms and the Laundry Room

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Apr 11, 2011 12:08 PM CST
Name: Candyce Fulford
N of MA, E of VT, W of ME, S o
Grandmother Extraordinaire
Off we go into the deep, dark, recesses of our bathrooms and laundry rooms! I am so glad that this part of the cleaning comes only once a month. Bathrooms are my least favorite rooms to clean. Funny, though, because I LOVE it when they are all clean and shiny! Oh well ... better dig out the elbow grease!


This week we are in the main bathroom and the Laundry Room.

Your mission for today in the bathroom is to wipe down around the base and the back of the toilet. This is an area that we all seem to forget about until we notice it on day and it seems too far gone to do anything about it! I know that I do, anyway.

Grab a rag and some general purpose cleaner and wipe down the toilet from the bowl downward, the floor around the base, and behind base. This is a quick and easy mission to do!

The Laundry Room: Today we are going to declutter all of the laundry supplies that we have hanging around. This means to toss whatever you have that you do not use or do not like. This also means to toss all of those empty boxes and bottles that seem to pile up. Those soap boxes, dryer sheet boxes, fabric softener bottles - you all know just what I am talking about! LOL! Recycle what you can! Remember! Just fifteen minutes in each area today, OK?


We are back in the bathroom and your mission for today is to clean our your bathroom trash can. Use the tub to fill the can with hot water and add some general purpose cleaner or dish soap. Let it soak and then scrub the bottom, the sides and the outside. Turn it over and let it dry in the tub and then put it back before someone needs to bathe and ends up taking a shower with the trash can!

In the laundry room grab an old rag or washcloth and wipe down the lid of the washing machine and dryer. I am always shocked at the dust and stuff that seems to just accumulate here. Shine those babies up! Personally, after the outsides of the machines are all washed and dried, I like to spray a little Pledge on a soft cloth, and REALLY shine them up!


It is Anti-procrastination Day!
It is time to take a look into the medicine cabinets and toss the empty bottles and boxes that are taking up space. While you are doing this also take a look at the expiration dates on the medicines that are there. If you have some that need to be gotten rid of take care of that as well. You just won't believe how important this is!

Grab a damp rag and wipe down the shelves. Don't take everything out, just lift, wipe and put back. Contact your local pharmacy for guidelines on how to dispose of medicines in your area.

Your Laundry Room mission for today is to empty the trash can that always seems to get forgotten! You will get bonus points if you remember to replace the bag once you take out the used one!


The bathroom sink is calling you!
Let's shine our bathroom sinks and countertops.
Scrub the sink and the faucets, wipe down with Windex (remember to be careful that you are not mixing Windex with any bleach products, and make sure you rinse very well before using the Windex). Take time to wipe down your counter tops and give them a shine as well.

Your laundry room mission for today is to place a picture of your family or favorite pet or a picture of something that is special to you in your laundry room. This allows you to see something pleasant when you are blessing the laundry. For me, because I have no windows in the laundry area, I went out and bought a very nice 'outdoorsy' looking photo last week. Today I will hang it where it will make me smile as I fold.


Last Day!!
Your mission in the bathroom is to mop the floor. Now, you can do this with some hot soapy water and a rag or mop. There is no perfect way to mop. Just get the floor wet, wipe it and dry it!

Your Laundry Room Mission is to clean out your lint filter and double check your vent hose. Lint build up in the filter and in the vent hose is a leading cause of house fires. Something so easy for us to check but something that we just don't remember to do. Also look underneath your dryer as well, lint has a tendency to fly around and then get caught up under the dryer. You'd be surprised!!

Take it easy this week and don't over-do. I'd hate for you to come back to me and cuss me out for making you work so hard!

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Apr 16, 2011 8:19 AM CST
Name: Arlene Marshall
Twin Lakes, IA & Orange, CA
Zone 4B
I washed throw rugs yesterday. I also went to the Home and Garden show, which was not too impressive but I did get some business cards for people to give me some estimates for improvements on this house. I'm just starting to research it.
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