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Mar 30, 2010 7:10 PM CST
Name: AnjL/Annmarie
CA Sierra Mts
Hilarious! Candyce, my youngest has a 'star ball' story that he still remembers 11 yrs later Hilarious! Hilarious!
We were at WM and he wanted a purple bouncy ball with stars on it. he was only 2 yo. when we got to the checkout he decided he wanted candy too. I dont buy them candy (but dad does) so he proceeded to throw a humongous fit! complete with hitting and kicking me while he was sitting in the cart. I warned him once, then quietly put the ball back. Well, he then really went berserk Hilarious! He happened to be wearing a sweatshirt and since he kept hitting and kicking, I quickly pulled his arms out of the sleeves and tied them in a knot, then pushed the cart out so he couldn't reach me with his lil feet. I never said a word, just ignored him and unloaded my cart to the conveyor thing. A really nice lady in front of me helped because I was holding the knotted sweatshirt with one hand while unloading with another. She just looked at me and said "He's not your first is he?" Rolling on the floor laughing I said nope...and he will quickly learn he doesnt stand a chance of ever getting a candy now! Hilarious!

when he finally calmed down, I told him that when we went to the store again, if he behaved he would get his star ball. Do you know we did have to go back a few days later to return something! He was the perfect child through that long return line, so we went to find his ball, and...they were sold out! Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing Hilarious! Hilarious! the Lord decided to teach him a bigger lesson than mom had in mind! Big Grin Lovey dubby I can only remember one other time that he threw a fit to try to get me to buy him something... I just smiled and reminded him about the star ball and he immediately quit Hilarious!
All Things Hobby
All the coffee in Columbia will never make me a morning person!
Mar 31, 2010 6:58 AM CST
Name: Barb Jenkins
Hillsborough, NH
Sounds like the Lord was teaching that day!!! Isn't it great when they finally learn that lesson? I'm amazed at what the kids of today get away with including my grands at times. They all know when they come to our house what Gram will tolerate and what she won't. I can't stand disrespect al all and when it happens they miss on an outing with us. Only took once - and now I have no problems . They still disrespect each other as boys will but not any adult. It is a pleasure to take them with us and we can take them anywhere with no worries about their behavior.

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