Hostas: Shipping Hostas

Dig the hosta, wash away ALL of the soil, then let the plant hydrate overnight in a bucket of water.

Here's what you'll need:
Paper Towel
Plastic Bag
Shredded Newspaper

Prepare each plant for Shipment:

Note: Priority Mail is best, and the boxes are free at the post office or even ordered online/delivered to your door.

People have suggested that you ship Monday thru Wednesday so that the box does not sit at the Post Office or in a truck too long (gets delivered in the same week shipped in most cases).  Try not to prepare the plants more than a day before shipment (they will keep in water and even thrive there).

1. Gently shape the roots into a circle and wrap the root ball in a damp Paper Towel

2. Place the root ball into a small plastic bag and secure it loosely with a rubber band or tape.  Do not wrap the entire plant in plastic.

3. Remember to add a label to each plant!

4. Roll up each hosta in a piece of dry newspaper (for insulation during shipping).

Box 'em up:

1. Prepare your Note to recipient, additional trinkets, etc to add to the box

2.  Place all of the wrapped of the hostas in the box (don't stuff too tightly).

3. Add any notes, trinkets to the box

4. Close box, seal, label.

5.  Ship it out.

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