Hostas: Navigating the databases in Cubits

After clicking JOIN in the Hostas cubit, you will be a cubit member and have some of the write accesses to the databases that have been created.

In the right panel of the page is the link "Hostas Cubit Databases".Click on it. 

You will see  list of all of the Hostas Cubit databases that you are allowed to access. 

Further instructions on this page will tell you how to access "Hosta Plant Files"(navigation will be similar for any databases in the sites).

Click on Hosta Plant Files.  Although there is a list at the resulting page, you will likely not use that one.   THe list represents only some recent entries in the database, not everything.

Click on Browse all entries.  You will get a list of all hosta cultivars that have been entered into the database.  The information shown is not all of the information about the hosta, just a short checklist.

Choose a hosta in the list.
You will now see everything we have entered about that cultivar. 

Below the bottom of the record are the choices for what can be done at this point.  Hostas Cubit Members who have more information about the cultivar are encouraged to add a comment, and to add photos which show the qualities of that hosta.  Please do not add comments like "my favorite" or "a beautiful hosta" - contribute the identification and growing characteristics of the plant.

If you have other hosta cultivars to be added, Hostas Cubit members are currently allowed to add them.

If you experience problems entering information into the databases, you can click on Contact the Admins in the right Information Panel and tell us about the problem.

All entries into the databases are subject to modification or removal by the Hostas Cubit Admin/moderators to allow for better flow, accuracy and database consistency.

Now go out there and browse the available databases.

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