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Jul 23, 2012 11:26 AM CST
Name: laurah
Zone 6 Midwest
Hey, good morning/ early afternoon! Gardino's & SRQ are out of's not like I need to spend more $$$ on my hoya purchases, Rolling my eyes. but....ths girl wants plants in lieu of clothing or "whatever" fads are out there. Thumbs up Limits ones social circles, but hey! Hilarious! i am simply so enamored by the foliage. I've always been a sucker for Fragrance & Foliage. I have a trade list:

HOYAS: a " * " indicates it is mature enough to take cuttings; however, please understand conditions might not be right or that cuttings might not be available

*h.carnosa (carnosa sp. carnosa and Chelsea)
*h.obscura, 'philip' ( love this plant...smells like heaven)
h.Australis ''keysii' (still rooted cuttings right now----this heat is making them groooowww....)
h.lacunosa ( Poonsak, minileaf, and ...not sure, i think 'royal flush'? last 2 are EA) *
h. bella
h. nummularoides
h. ds-70 (as of 7/12, both cuttings and plants are avail)*
h. shepherdii
h. fungii
h. pachyclada
h. pallida
h. bhutanica
h. meredithii
h. acuta
h. wayettii*
h. curtisii*
h. pubicalyx 'pink silver'....

I have a number of other young hoyas, and as they mature, they will be added to the list. Some are rare, so check back next season if you want to trade. These include:

Hoya meredithii x Crassicaulis
Hoya Calycina USDA 354235
h. macrophylla
h. Finlaysonii
h. sp. aff. " Pubifera" (SRQ3085)
h. sp. "Estrella Waterfalls" (iml 1256)

Orchids: I am winding down my orchids and am willing to trade them for Hoyas in some cases. Please contact me if you want a list or photos. These include a few specimen sized plants, mounted orchids, and others in pots., and mainly consist of Cattleya, Encyclia and Brassavola species and cultivars.

Other Things I have as trade options:

Rare Tulip Bulb Species ( i have to dig these in Spring so I can mail them properly ID'ed)...they spread around so I have to dig them when they pop up...also...sometimes, for whatever reason, some varieties don't pop up)... however, these include t. kauffmannia, tulipa clusiana, tulipa griegii, tulipa praestans, tulipa "little princess", tulipa turkestanica, & t. saxitilis.

Bamboo Divisions ( i have about 5 hardy running types (Phyllostachys) - a couple of these are rare. Must be dug in early Summer since summer "soil" is compacted clay) These include:

Phyllostachys "Spectabilis"
Phyllostachys "Aureosulcata" "yellow groove"
Phyllostachys "Rubromarginata"
Phyllostachys "Atrovaginata"
Semarundnaria Fastuosa (Japanese Temple Bamboo)
...amongst a few others

Various Perennial seeds
laurah aka \"gplainshoya\"

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