Hoya talk forum: Planting hoya in clear pots

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Jan 26, 2014 8:21 AM CST
Name: Coralee
I'd like some input from hoya lovers and experts as to whether you think clear (transparent) pots are acceptable for use with hoya if they are not exposed to direct sun. Most of the pots now have UV protection.

I've potted up about 1/2 of my rooted cuttings in the 2" clear pots and they are great because you can see if you have nice root growth or not. It also makes watering a no-brainer because you can see if the soil is dry or fully saturated when you do water. Since my small starters are doing well, I'm thinking of moving some bigger hoya to these pots as well.

I'm thinking that these should be acceptable pots for all my hoya as long as they are not exposed to direct sunlight or are in a secondary container since hoya are a somewhat aerial plant in nature anyway and shouldn't mind having their roots exposed to some diffused light.

I'd appreciate any thoughts out there on these pots.
Jan 26, 2014 9:24 AM CST
Name: Doug
Lamoille County, VT

I've been using these clear pots for a while now, and I do think that they are great early on for the reasons that you give - the ability to see root growth, and see if the soil is dry or not. That being said I think that the passage of time and algae growth seems to negate some of the benefits. I have had a few plants that by looking at them swore that they were soaking wet, but in fact were bone dry because of the color of the algae on the inside of the pots.

I have some plants in the larger clear pots that have a cone in the center for "better drainage" and can see no real benefit over traditional pots. I won't say that they harm the plants, but have not experienced big benefits either. I guess I will continue to use both clear and non-clear pots depending on what I have on hand, but do prefer to start a cutting in a small clear pot and move it up to a colored pot.

Jan 26, 2014 9:58 AM CST
Name: Coralee
Thanks for the input Doug!
Jan 26, 2014 11:46 AM CST
Name: Julie Kennedy
I agree with Doug, Coralee. I have had exactly the same experiences, some algae growth worse than others, but you can still see root development and how moist the compost is Smiling
Jan 26, 2014 3:26 PM CST
Name: Coralee
Thanks Julie!

Jan 26, 2014 10:53 PM CST
Name: Carol Noel
Hawaii (near Hilo)
It's all about choices.
I've had a nagging question in my mind over the years.....'what about these opaque plastic pots?'...as I found myself always changing the pots to a standard green or orange one in the nursery. Something told me that the plants in them didn't grow as well as those in the solid pots... I can't say why or how...but...it was always on my mind when I grabbed a pot to plant in.....

So, I guess my vote is NO.
Leap. The net will appear.
Jan 31, 2014 6:32 AM CST
Name: Renee
SW Florida
All of my Hoyas are in clear pots, unless they are mounted, as I only have clear pots, and some, depending on which Hoya it is, do get direct sun, outside in Florida, on the pots.

My Hoyas grow and bloom just fine.

Feb 4, 2014 10:06 AM CST
Name: mj
Deleon Springs, Fl
I have a hoge pog of pots. I usually root in clear, but not always...and I've got plants in Terra cotta plastic, Green plastic, black plastic, clay, plastic hanging pots.And nearly all of mine live outside for the better part 8 months of the year. So in summer they can get drenching rains.
I've found that excellent drainage and a good potting medium is key no matter what you pot them in.

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