Fiery Flame Violet

By Lee Anne Stark (threegardeners) on March 11, 2010

These relatives of the African Violet are just as varied and colorful but much easier to grow and bloom. Suitable for windowsill, terrarium or under lights, a must have in any home!

The Flame Violet, aka Episcia fimbriata, is one of the easiest house plants for the beginner. Growing just as happily either under lights, in a bright north window or 2010-03-11/threegardeners/fddf35in a terrarium. The flame violet is not a fussy house guest.

The Episcia does not like to be in the sun; therefore making it the perfect plant for the shady house or apartment. I grow mine happily in a north facing window and am rewarded with a constant show of flowers.

This plant, like it's cousin the African Violet, will sulk if not watered properly. Although it will wilt and look miserable if left to completely dry out, it will bounce right back when it finally gets a drink, the only result of such abuse might be a few brown leaves that are easy to pull off.

Episcia do not like to be kept in temperatures below 60F.

Episcia are easily started from stolons, tiny plantlets that the plant sends out on offshoots.

Available in almost any leaf colour they are beautiful even as a foliage plant.

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