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By Lee Anne Stark (threegardeners) on April 6, 2010

Just because a plant is labeled tropical, does not make it a suitable house plant. A lot of tropical plants require special growing conditions not found in the ordinary home.

They require green house or conservatory conditions. Most people can't give plants these special conditions and become frustrated and discouraged and stop trying. They come to think that they don't have the necessary green thumb required to have plants in the house.

2010-04-05/threegardeners/1fc415 2010-04-05/threegardeners/c83f55
Christmas Cactus Bloom Aesychanthus bloom

This shouldn't happen. House plants should be fun. They should give people joy, not cause them grief. Having plants in the home can brighten a dreary winter, they help to keep indoor air clean. Growing herbs on a sunny kitchen windowsill can provide freshness in our winter cooking. Yes, herbs on a windowsill are house plants.

2010-04-05/threegardeners/b442bc 2010-04-05/threegardeners/d5cb17
NOID Episcia Prayer Plant

I'd like to build a databse of house plants. The kind of house plants that the average person would be able to grow under average household conditions. I'd like the plants to have a rating, 1 to 5 with 1 being the easiest (Hoya carnosa, Spider Plant, some Cactus) and 5 being the most difficult, yet still give people hope (Orchids, Parlor Palm).

2010-04-05/threegardeners/d65a39 2010-04-05/threegardeners/7e6b27
Terrarium Plants Aesychanthus blooms

I'd like for people to come to the database knowing that whatever they find will grow in their homes. Yes, there are always exceptions, that one plant we can't grow (I can't grow African Violets to save my life) but I'd like people to know that their chances will be great to be able to grow the plant they find in the database, and that they'll be able to grow it without having to build a special, climate controlled addition onto their house to accomplish that.

I've grown difficult house plants too, still do, a room full of Plumerias being kept dormant as we speak. But they aren't everybody's cup of tea. I've got over 150 house plants, I like them, they bring me joy. I'd like for others to find this joy too.

That being said, I am starting a contest in the House Plant Cubit.

This is a simple enough contest. Whoever adds the most new entries, with photos, to the House Plant Database will get a $25.00 gift certificate to the vendor of their choice, providing that vendor offers gift certificates and accepts PayPal.

The contest will run from April 06, 2010 until April 20, 2010 at midnight Eastern time.

The final tally will be done by our own master of all things Cubit, Dave.

Have fun everybody!!

About Lee Anne Stark
Having over 150 house plants, you could say that I live in a jungle!
They keep me occupied during our long, cold Canadian winters.

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