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By Denise Stewart AKA Dee (irisloverdee) on April 3, 2010

Species iris opens up a whole new world to your garden and to the iris. These can be bearded, as well as beardless

Gardeners can grow a well rounded range of species irises, both bearded and beardless. Some of the more commonly grown species include:

  • Iris aphylla:  cute, hardy growing in zones 3 to 9, well-branched median iris, with flowers usually in some shade of violet or purple
  • Iris pallida and its subspecies: often found in landscape plantings as it is known for its variegated foliage, bloom shades of clear blue and violet.
  • Iris pumila:  a very tiny, early dwarf species, with flowers in shades of white, yellow and violet. This is one of the species from which modern MDBs were developed.
  • Iris cristata:  Un-demanding small iris that grows well in lightly shaded woodsy soil that is gritty and well drained. Small flowered iris, 3 to 5 inches in height, with flowers in white and shades of blue and violet that have yellow or white crests on the falls. It blooms early in the spring.
  • Iris graminea;  Sold as  "the plum-tart iris", a small, very fragrant iris  with reddish-violet to purple flowers that bloom within grassy foliage  2010-04-02/irisloverdee/9aa980
  • Iris setosa:  Known as the "arctic flag" because of its native range in the Yukon and Alaska, stalks range from 6 to 35 inches, with flowers in shades of blue, violet, purple, and occasionally orchid pink or white.
  • Iris versicolor;  Known as "northern blue flag", a New England native that prefers moist conditions. On stems from 18 to 30 inches tall, the flowers range from white through various shades of blue and red-violet.2010-04-02/irisloverdee/b45cfc
  • Berlin Tiger (Iris Pseudacorus X) Non invasive: A tall vigorous iris reaching up to 3 feet.  Loves damp and even wet soils but can tolerate short periods of  drought
  • Iris histriodes, danfordiae’s, and reticulates; Bulbous iris that are usually sold in early spring in pots.  Blooms with crocus.
  • Dutch iris: Bulbous iris that is one of the most popular cut flowers by florist
  • Iris Prismatica: Damp meadowland native prefers moist soils
  • Iris Unguicularis: Fragrant  winter blooming
  • Iris Innominata Pacific Coast Species :  Sunny to lightly shaded areas. Deep yellow blooms are the most common  2010-04-02/irisloverdee/6496bc
  • Iris Tenex: First species of Pacific Coast Iris to be brought into cultivation.  Easy to grow.  Narrow long leaves.2010-04-02/irisloverdee/acb3a8
  • Iris douglasiana: Pacific Coast Iris which comes in shades of light light blue-violet to dark purple; occasionally white2010-04-02/irisloverdee/988f69

Now these are not all the species iris that are grown it is just to give you an idea that there are so much more to iris than the tall bearded.

About Denise Stewart AKA Dee
Denise has always had a love affair with gardening. First in Calif then in Oregon. She began a small commercial Iris Grower in 1999 and continued to grow.

She is interested and enjoys quilting, sewing and jewelry making.

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