This database is to enhance the cubit only. It is not meant to compete with databases from AIS, TWiki or Daves Garden. Think of our database as a pocket dictionary compared with the full unabridged one.

But, what's really nice about this database is the powerful search engine Dave has set up. First off, I suggest you use the advanced search. The regular fill in the box search is more like a Google search, and will only find a small portion of matching info.The database is searchable by many things. Say you saw a black TB iris in this cubit, you can search for black TB, and it should bring it up, if it's in the database. Or say you want to just search for Japanese, it will show only those.There are two ways to search. Your basic search is just to fill in the box. Or you can use the advanced search. Try it out!

Any cubit member may add an iris to the database. You do not need to search to see if one has already been added, the database will tell you that.

So, to start, click on "add a new entry to this database". After you have done that, click on "click here to view your new entry", and it will allow you to upload a picture.

All entries will be checked for accuracy by Polly or Dee, and we reserve the right to change entries, although we expect that will not happen often.

So, let's start adding irises to the database! But please, also keep the pictures coming in the photo areas. Duplication is absolutely welcome! Please only use your own pictures, or pictures you have permission to use. If the pictures are not your own, always credit the photographer.

Thanks everyone.

Pictures are not allowed to be copied from this database without expressed permission from the owner of the picture. If you wish to use any picture in our database, you may cmail the owner of the picture for written permission to use the picture. Thank you for you co-operation.

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Newest images:
Thumbnail Entry name Username
Image Prince of Burgundy redhead
Image Tango Bond redhead
Image Roz Volane irisloverdee
Image Roz Volane irisloverdee
Image Splashed Silk irisloverdee
Image Think of Me irisloverdee
Image Vanilla Dream irisloverdee
Image Victorian Fancy irisloverdee
Image Aardvark Anticz irisloverdee
Image Brighde irisloverdee
Image Be Brief irisloverdee
Image Baubles and Beads irisloverdee
Image Bangles irisloverdee
Image Bamboozle irisloverdee
Image bad boys irisloverdee
Image Assorted Flavors irisloverdee
Image Apricot Berry irisloverdee
Image Anita Moran irisloverdee
Image All Is Bright irisloverdee
Image Action Packed irisloverdee
Image Irish Harp irisloverdee
Image Vixen Elf irisloverdee
Image Kaeju irisloverdee
Image Fancy As irisloverdee
Image Neyeteri irisloverdee
Image Mossy Glenn irisloverdee
Image Mossy Glenn irisloverdee
Image Feeorin irisloverdee
Image Delightfully Velvet irisloverdee
Image Chester Cheese irisloverdee

Newest comments:
Entry name Username
Bonkers CindiKS
Chestnuts Roasting Hosenemesis
Victorine Calif_Sue
Sea Monster doglover
Honourable Lord TBGDN
Heartbreaker TBGDN
Victorine CLUSIANA
New Face naomimade
Raspberry Lady PollyK


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