Spuria are beardless iris. Spuria iris are one of the tallest of iris. Outstanding cut flower. Will grow in zone 3 to 9

When to Plant: Spuria are dug in the spring/fall Rhizomes must be washed well and placed damp in a plastic bag for storage in the refrigerator, Plant as soon as possible.

Where to Plant: Spuria thrive in full sun best, but will do well on half a day’s sun throughout the year. They will tolerate partial shade, especially in areas that have extremely high temperatures in the summer.

Soil Preparation: Spuria prefer a neutral to slightly alkaline soil and they must have good drainage. Enrich soil by adding alfalfa and manure (see more about manure below). Heavier clay soil is much better than fine sandy soil.

Basic Planting Steps: Basically spuria need water, manure (see more about manure below), and mulch to become established. Begin the planting by making sure the soil will allow for good drainage and is enriched. Then make a hole about two inches below the surface. Add fertilizer (14-14-14 is suggested) to this hole. Then put lots of water into this hole. Finally add the rhizome, cover with soil and mulch. Watering this new spuria rhizome from the top of the soil is not sufficient for establishing a clump. Mulch spuria the first year of growth. Saw dust is the best mulch to use. After the clump is established, the mulch may be removed during the blooming season.

Distance Apart: Space spuria far enough apart to grow in the same location for years as Spuria irises resent being transplanted. Spacing spuria rhizomes three feet apart is suggested.

Watering: Water regularly from October through the bloom season until about July 1st. However do not let them sit in pools of water. During the hot summer, spuria can be allowed to go dormant by withholding water. If spuria do go dormant, be sure NOT to water as this will cause rot. Too much moisture combined with summer heat causes rot that damages the new growth.

Fertilizing. Ordinary lawn fertilizer (10-10-10) works well to feed the spuria in the spring and again in the fall.

Bloom Season: Spuria usually do not bloom the first year after planting. The second year should produce several bloom stalks. The bloom time is one to two weeks after the tall bearded irises.

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