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Jun 16, 2011 8:39 AM CST
Too bad but so nice to see you here Marilyn
Jun 16, 2011 9:07 AM CST
Name: Dee Stewart
Willamette Valley OR
Snowpeak Iris
The flower and foliage looks like Siberian but the rhizome says no. Not sure at all.


Denise Stewart

Jun 16, 2011 9:48 AM CST
Name: Polly Kinsman
Hannibal, NY

Most pure sanguinea types have red rhizomes, so that's what I'm guessing. The nickname for it is blood iris.

C., I will do the database later, but I love how it has a French flair in the description, so I'm not changing that.
Jun 16, 2011 10:53 AM CST
More information about the iris with red rhizome. Growing in dry and very poor soil. Does it help and is it the case of sanguinea Polly.
If you like the French flair Polly OK.
Have to look up for the sanguinea. Thantks to you all and if somebody grows this one..
Jun 16, 2011 11:20 AM CST
Please let me know if htis iris can be iris missouriensis.
Thank you
Jun 16, 2011 12:45 PM CST
Does your Blue flag have a red rhizome too?
[Last edited Jun 16, 2011 12:46 PM CST]
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Aug 15, 2011 1:19 PM CST
Iris Latifolia bulbs

Thumb of 2011-08-15/CLUSIANA/0ff99c Thumb of 2011-08-15/CLUSIANA/744065 Thumb of 2011-08-15/CLUSIANA/7ef608

Hope you will appreciate. These pics will be the only one on the web.

Aug 15, 2011 1:34 PM CST

Thumb of 2011-08-15/CLUSIANA/6d31b1 Thumb of 2011-08-15/CLUSIANA/967717 Thumb of 2011-08-15/CLUSIANA/f1294e

Thumb of 2011-08-15/CLUSIANA/65e238 Thumb of 2011-08-15/CLUSIANA/8dc3f6 Thumb of 2011-08-15/CLUSIANA/828145


New in the garden, bulbs received from a firend in spring. These bulbes are not hardy. Do you any of you are growing them? They originates from Mexico and Brazil

Aug 15, 2011 3:28 PM CST
Name: Lucy
Hamilton, MA
I have tried those off & on. They didn't work out, so we may not have the best climate for them.
Aug 15, 2011 3:44 PM CST
Hi Lucy, nice to see you
ut of 20 bulbs I only had two blooms and I am waiting for an another one. The two first were red, hope the next will be of a different shade.
Aug 15, 2011 6:26 PM CST
Name: Connie
Willamette Valley OR
Hi Clusiana, I grow the yellow form of tigridia and it is winter hardy here. The lowest winter temperature that I recall was around 18 deg. F (-8 C). I've had them for about 5 years in the same place. I was surprised they kept coming back each year. No mulch but they are planted just a few inches from the foundation of the house.

Thumb of 2011-08-16/pardalinum/8711d8
Aug 15, 2011 9:38 PM CST
Hello Pardalinum. Great to see your yellow form of Tigridia. We are having the same climate here, it is very rare when temperatures are lowing down lower than in your place. I am in town and the friend who gave me those is living in the mountains so mau be they can be hardy here. Besides if yours are planted a few inches from the foundation of the house may be they are getting heat from the stones.
Hurray! Are they flowering now too? Here they were supposed to bloom in July but I stil have buds. Amazing plant isn't?
Aug 15, 2011 10:25 PM CST
Name: Connie
Willamette Valley OR
Yes, mine are flowering now. Each bloom doesn't last very long. They do form seed pods and you can get seeds from them.

I found France to be much like the Pacific Northwest when I vacationed there in 1985. It was raining when we landed in Paris in late June.
Aug 16, 2011 5:43 AM CST
Name: Polly Kinsman
Hannibal, NY

Beautiful C.! Nice to see you back posting.
Aug 16, 2011 3:09 PM CST
Hello Pardalinum, hello Polly
So glad to know that Tigridia are setting seeds Pardalinum. As it is the very firtst time I have these plants I was waiting and wondering.
So you have been dancing in the rain in Paris in 1985. I was living there at the time; I really miss Paris. I hope you enjoyed it. Isn't the most beautiul town in the world? I have no idea of hte climate in some parts of the world and it is changing all around. No more true winters, summers either you are baked either you are freezing, not a drop during months and months but more and more floods (we were not used to these terrible things which happen in your country). Now we have big sttorms which are destroying everything even in Paris in 1999, the roofs were flying away. You were in the right place at the right time. June is a beautiul month to travel and hope you have been able at the time to visit all the beautiful gardens (at least the Tuileries Garden.
Aug 17, 2011 8:55 AM CST

Thumb of 2011-08-17/CLUSIANA/490d12 Thumb of 2011-08-17/CLUSIANA/4ad6ec Thumb of 2011-08-17/CLUSIANA/f4a3da

Thumb of 2011-08-17/CLUSIANA/7c88ec Thumb of 2011-08-17/CLUSIANA/4b8661 Thumb of 2011-08-17/CLUSIANA/14b049

Thumb of 2011-08-17/CLUSIANA/b796cb


Does any of you has an idea? This iris looks quite strange to me. Coming out from a small rhizome, roots seems to be out of rings and the foliage looks like the one of the sibiirica.
Growing wild on the edge of a ditch. I saw it blooming once during the summer, the flower were blue. Does not sem to bloom this year.
Your comments will be greatly appreciated, as usual.
Thank you
Aug 17, 2011 10:04 AM CST


I have done a small order to this provider for the following irises
Germanica alba
Germanica kharput
Germanica nepalensis
Germanica mesopotamica

These are sold at a very reasonnable price, not expensive in my opinion and this order hardly reach the amount of 50 dollars. In spite of this Ireceived a huge bonus including three more irises mesopotamica and two more nepalensis.

Have a look to the website of Lawrence RANSOM. English version is availablle too.

And I did some pics to show you the amazing rhizomes I have received.

Thumb of 2011-08-17/CLUSIANA/976356

My first arilbred


Thumb of 2011-08-17/CLUSIANA/c0630f Thumb of 2011-08-17/CLUSIANA/d10390 Thumb of 2011-08-17/CLUSIANA/80e7eb

Thumb of 2011-08-17/CLUSIANA/2f4e1b Thumb of 2011-08-17/CLUSIANA/f90c1a Thumb of 2011-08-17/CLUSIANA/344f0d

Huge, clean, healthy, tags and name on the leaves too and a beautiful bonus...How to enlghten your day.
Aug 17, 2011 11:41 AM CST
Name: Lucy
Hamilton, MA
Good looking rhizomes. I am familiar with some of his median irises.
Aug 17, 2011 12:09 PM CST
Hi Lucy.
Lawrence Ransom irises are hightly appreciated here but I have none. I am very happy to get the arilbred.
Aug 17, 2011 2:23 PM CST
Any suggestion?

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