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Feb 2, 2012 3:15 PM CST
Name: Katherine Howe
Raytown(Kansas City) MO
In the course of studying parentage on many of the cultivars I have I have come across the iris Fogbound on so many occasions I concluded it must really pack some good genes into its progeny. This last season I had many opportunities to attempt crosses. Most of those were not successful(it was a very rainy season). On a couple of occasions I crossed Fogbound with something. One of those occasions was a rushed attempt on my lunch hour and I told my aging mind to remember what I crossed it with. Well, my aging mind did not remember to write it down. I think it was Heaven by Ghio but I do not know for sure.
Well, of course, it put on a pod. The pod produce many seeds and a good percentage of them have sprouted. Enough so that I see the great resource Fogbound is and has been in its fertility to past breeding programs of others.

I just wanted to mention Fogbound because it really isn't a standout in the garden but it sure has produced some standouts for other hybridizers and I was thrilled to see how fertile it is and know how it has contributed to the hobby for me overall. So, I am hoping to see some of its offspring in Spring 2013. In the mean time I will tend to its seedlings.

Feb 2, 2012 4:18 PM CST
Name: Lucy
Hamilton, MA
Fogbound is a very hardy iris & passes that along. You can't go wrong which is why so many people are using it. There will be dogs in any cross.
Feb 2, 2012 5:37 PM CST
Name: Polly Kinsman
Hannibal, NY

I've only done a few crosses with siberians. But I've gotten to know so many of you on this cubit that are doing crosses, I think I'm almost as excited to see them as you are.

The list of Fogbound babies on the registry is impressive.
Feb 3, 2012 8:45 AM CST
Name: Kent Pfeiffer
Southeast Nebraska
There are currently three registered iris with Fogbound and Heaven as parents, Wedding Belle (by Keith Keppel), Original Cast, and Simply Sensational (both by Tom Johnson).
Feb 3, 2012 8:53 AM CST
Name: Polly Kinsman
Hannibal, NY

Here's what I found with Fogbound in the parentage. So even if Heaven wasn't the other parent, some great irises!

ADOREGON (Keith Keppel, R. 2003) Sdlg. 96-35D. TB, 35" (89 cm), M
ALPENVIEW (Keith Keppel, R. 2002) Sdlg. 98-110A. TB, 41" (104 cm), EM
ART AT DAWN (Barry Blyth, R. 2006) Sdlg. N211-2. TB, 40" (102 cm), M
ASK A LADY (Barry Blyth, R. 2005) Sdlg. L301-1. TB, 36" (91 cm), EM
ASTROBUBBLES (Barry Blyth, R. 2005) Sdlg. M55-1. TB, 35" (89 cm), M
AVANT-PREMIÈRE (Michèle Bersillon, R. 2008) Sdlg. 0554C. TB, 37" (95 cm), M
BEL ESPRIT (Keith Keppel, R. 2002) Sdlg. 96-29D. TB, 40" (107 cm), M
BELGIAN PRINCESS (Tom Johnson, R. 2005) Sdlg. T45A. TB, 39" (99 cm), M
BEWITCHMENT (Joseph Ghio, R. 2003) Sdlg. 98-21H. TB, 35" (89 cm), EM
CABBAGES AND KINGS (Alison Nicoll, R. 2005) Sdlg. A01T5:3. TB, 32" (82 cm), M
CALGARY (Thomas Johnson, R. 2010) Sdlg. Tu259A. TB, 40" (102 cm), M
CAMEO APPEARANCE (Paul Black, R. 2006) Sdlg. J38F. TB, 40" (102 cm), ML
CARMEL NILAND (Graeme Grosvenor, R. 2010) Sdlg. E63-08-1. TB, 36" (92 cm), M
CLOUDSCAPE (Paul Black, R. 2007) Sdlg. L376A. TB, 36" (91 cm), ML
COOL CONFIDENCE (Paul Black, R. 2005) Sdlg. J202A. TB, 40" (102 cm), M
CREST OF THE WAVE (Bruce Filardi, R. 2008) Sdlg. BF-353A. TB, 37" (94 cm), M
CRYSTAL GAZER (Keith Keppel, R. 2002) Sdlg. 96-45D. TB, 34" (86 cm), M
DANCE RECITAL (Keith Keppel, R. 2004) Sdlg. 99-90A. TB, 36" (91 cm), M
DEARIE (Keith Keppel, R. 2005) Sdlg. 98-117D. TB, 36" (91 cm), ML
DEBBIE'S DREAM (Alison Nicoll, R. 2004) Sdlg. LLFBKK9941. TB, 31" (80 cm), M
DINNER TALK (Barry Blyth, R. 2005) Sdlg. M55-4. TB, 40" (102 cm), M
DRIFTING BUBBLES (Joseph Ghio, R. 2004) Sdlg. 98-21D2. TB, 40" (102 cm), L
EIDERDOWN (Marky Smith, R. 2009) Sdlg. 04-42W. BB, 26" (66 cm), EM
ENDIMANCHÉ (Michèle Bersillon, R. 2008) Sdlg. 0554B. TB, 33" (85 cm), EM
FAMOUS LAST WORDS (Joseph Ghio, R. 2010) Sdlg. 05-84-1. TB, 34" (86 cm), L-VL
FOGBOUND (Keith Keppel, R. 1997) Sdlg. 93-83C. TB, 40" (107 cm), M
FOR LOVERS ONLY (Paul Black, R. 2008) Sdlg. L27C. TB, 37" (94 cm), EM
FRAGRANT BREEZE (Michael Sutton, R. 2006) Sdlg. Q-253-B. TB, 36" (91 cm), ML
FRIENDLY FIRE (Keith Keppel, R. 2002) Sdlg. 97-60H. TB, 39" (99 cm), M
FULL OF MAGIC (Barry Blyth, R. 2005) Sdlg. M55-8. TB, 38" (97 cm), ML
GINGER ICE (Barry Blyth, R. 2007) Sdlg. N231-2. TB, 37" (94 cm), ML
GOONDIWINDI (Graeme Grosvenor, R. 2008) Sdlg. D60-04-1. TB, 37" (95 cm), EM
GRANDMA AUSTELL (Lionel Austell, R. 2010) Sdlg. G1648. TB, 36" (91 cm), M
GRANDMA COX (Lionel Austell, R. 2010) Sdlg. G1693-1. TB, 35" (89 cm), M
HALF DOLLAR (Paul Black, R. 2006) Sdlg. 6/6/2006. TB, 41" (104 cm), ML
HI BABE (Alison Nicoll, R. 2005) Sdlg. LLFBKK99: 1. TB, 32" (82 cm), M
IMAGERY (Thomas Johnson, R. 2006) Sdlg. T45C. TB, 45" (114 cm), ML
IMPRINT (Bryce Williamson, R. 2007) Sdlg. 2701-1. TB, 36" (91 cm), M
IN YOUR FACE (Tom Burseen, R. 2010) Sdlg. 07-257A. TB, 48" (122 cm), ML
IRENE'S SONG (Barbara Nicodemus, R. 2009) Sdlg. J31-B. TB, 36" (91 cm), EM
IVORY GHOST (Gerald Richardson, R. 2007) Sdlg. 02-5-2. TB, 34" (86 cm), M
JEAN WALL (Barry Emmerson, R. 2010) Sdlg. HJ/F 6/6F. TB, 34" (86 cm), M
JUICY RUMOURS (Barry Blyth, R. 2005) Sdlg. M55-5. TB, 35" (89 cm), M
KEITH'S GIFT (Alison Nicoll, R. 2006) Sdlg. LLFBKK99:11. TB, 32" (82 cm), M
KENNADI'S ANGEL (Barbara Nicodemus, R. 2006) Sdlg. H8-02. TB, 34" (86 cm), M
KEPT ON ICE (Graeme Grosvenor, R. 2010) Sdlg. F9-1. TB, 35" (90 cm), EM
KETCHIKAN (Marvin Davis, R. 2006) Sdlg. K1-29-A. TB, 35" (89 cm), EM
KRYSHTALAVY PALATS (Alla Chernoguz, R. 2010) Sdlg. 0791-3. TB, 33" (85 cm), E
LA PART DES ANGES (Michèle Bersillon, R. 2008) Sdlg. 0423E. TB, 37" (95 cm), M
MAGICAL MOMENT (Paul Black, R. 2009) Sdlg. L27B. TB, 34" (86 cm), EM
MARE D'INVERNO (Lorena Montanari, R. 2010) Sdlg. 16/06-A. TB, 39" (100 cm), EM
MODERN WOMAN (Tom Johnson, R. 2005) Sdlg. T45F. TB, 44" (112 cm), M
MORNING TWILIGHT (Keith Keppel, R. 2004) Sdlg. 98-113B. BB, 27" (69 cm), ML
MYSTERY BOOK (Paul Black, R. 2005) Sdlg. J484B. TB, 43" (109 cm), ML
NEIL'S CHOICE (Neil Mogensen, deceased, by Denise Stewart, R. 2007) Sdlg. R19-1. TB, 30" (76 cm), ML
NEIL'S FAITH (Neil Mogensen, deceased, by Denise Stewart, R. 2008) Sdlg. R19-2. TB, 32" (81 cm), ML
ORIGINAL CAST (Thomas Johnson, R. 2007) Sdlg. Tu62C. TB, 35" (89 cm), ML
OUR HULLABALOO (Graeme Grosvenor, R. 2010) Sdlg. F9-2. TB, 36" (91 cm), EM
PARIS FASHION (Keith Keppel, R. 2002) Sdlg. 98-115C. TB, 36" (91 cm), M
PASSIONATE EMBRACE (Paul Black, R. 2009) Sdlg. N234AA. TB, 34" (86 cm), ML-VL
PASTEL PRINT (Alison Nicoll, R. 2005) Sdlg. A0176:1. TB, 32" (82 cm), M
PINK VISION (Alison Nicoll, R. 2008) Sdlg. LLFBKK99-8. TB, 31" (78 cm), ML
PLATINUM CLASS (Barry Blyth, R. 2006) Sdlg. L304-5. TB, 32" (81 cm), ML
PORCELAIN BLUSH (Bruce Filardi, R. 2008) Sdlg. BF-343I. TB, 34" (86 cm), EM
POWDERPUFF GIRL (Barry Blyth, R. 2008) Sdlg. P131-1. TB, 38" (97 cm), M
PRECISION (Alison Nicoll, R. 2004) Sdlg. LLFBKK99-3. TB, 28" (72 cm), M
PRESENTATION (Tom Johnson, R. 2005) Sdlg. T65A. TB, 42" (107 cm), M
PRYVATNY DATAKTYV (Alla Chernoguz, R. 2010) Sdlg. 0791-4. TB, 35" (90 cm), E
RAGING RIVER (Larry Lauer, R. 2008) Sdlg. 2159-1. TB, 37" (94 cm), M
RECKLESS IN DENIM (Barry Blyth, R. 2005) Sdlg. K96-2. TB, 34" (86 cm), ML
RESONANCE (Joseph Ghio, R. 2005) Sdlg. 01-170E4. TB, 36" (91 cm), ML
RESPLENDÈRE (George Sutton, R. 2010) Sdlg. V-246. TB, 33" (84 cm), ML
ROLE REVERSAL (Joseph Ghio, R. 2009) Sdlg. 03-121A3. TB, 38" (97 cm), ML
ROYAL STERLING (Keith Keppel, R. 2004) Sdlg. 98-115G. TB, 40" (102 cm), ML
SAY YOU WILL (Lowell Baumunk, R. 2009) Sdlg. 4122E. TB, 43" (109 cm), M
SIMPLY SENSATIONAL (Thomas Johnson, R. 2007) Sdlg. Tu62B. TB, 34" (86 cm), L
SOIREE GIRL (Barry Blyth, R. 2005) Sdlg. L245-6. TB, 36" (91 cm), M
SOLDIER OF FORTUNE (Sergey Loktev, R. 2008) Sdlg. 01-564-11. TB, 36" (91 cm), E
SPIRIT IN THE SKY (Thomas Johnson, R. 2007) Sdlg. Tu70A. TB, 37" (94 cm), E
STEEPLES (Thomas Johnson, R. 2007) Sdlg. Tu34A. TB, 34" (86 cm), L
SWEET GEISHA (Barry Blyth, R. 2004) Sdlg. L274-1. TB, 35" (90 cm), EM
SWEETS (Michael Sutton, R. 2006) Sdlg. Q-253-A. TB, 36" (91 cm), ML
TREASURED (Joseph Ghio, R. 2003) Sdlg. 98-31Q. TB, 42" (107 cm), EM
TRUMPETER SWAN (Michael Sutton, R. 2009) Sdlg. T-621-A. TB, 34" (86 cm), L-VL & RE
VENETIAN GLASS (Keith Keppel, R. 2002) Sdlg. 96-45H. TB, 33" (84 cm), M
WAITING FOR YOU (Sergey Loktev, R. 2009) Sdlg. 01-705-1. TB, 28" (71 cm), EM
WATERFALL MIST (Paul Black, R. 2006) Sdlg. J111A. TB, 37" (94 cm), ML
WEDDING BELLE (Keith Keppel, R. 2007) Sdlg. 00-232A. TB, 46" (117 cm), EM
WHILE GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS (Sergey Loktev, R. 2009) Sdlg. 01-705-2. TB, 28" (71 cm), EM
WINTER'S REIGN (Barbara Nicodemus, R. 2010) Sdlg. J31H. TB, 32" (81 cm), ML
ZHAAN (Bruce Filardi, R. 2006) Sdlg. BF-353B. TB, 37" (94 cm), M

Feb 3, 2012 10:05 AM CST
Name: Marilyn Campbell
Houghton Lake, MI
Wow! That list is amazing. Also, if you go to our database and type in Fogbound it will bring up a lot of pictures of irises with Fogbound as a parent, and all of them are beautiful! I really think Fogbound is beautiful too.
Thumb of 2012-02-03/MShadow/b882b7
Thumb of 2012-02-03/MShadow/42a358
Feb 3, 2012 10:07 AM CST
Name: Polly Kinsman
Hannibal, NY

Beautiful Marilyn! It's one of my favorite irises, and I have a few of it's offsprings which are favorites, also.
Feb 3, 2012 12:11 PM CST
Name: Katherine Howe
Raytown(Kansas City) MO
I knew it was quite a few but that list blows me away in length and in how impressive the offspring have been in beauty and quality. Its fertility is also impressive. One amazing iris!!!

K Thumbs up
Feb 3, 2012 12:30 PM CST
Name: Dee Stewart
Willamette Valley OR
Snowpeak Iris
Yes Fogbound for TB crossing has many as Chubby Cheeks does for SDB It is amazing

Denise Stewart
Snowpeak http://snowpeakiris.com

Feb 3, 2012 1:52 PM CST
Name: Katherine Howe
Raytown(Kansas City) MO

I want to thank you again for the list. In looking it over more thoroughly I see quite a few that I have in my own garden. This list is going to be helpful to me in deciding crosses this Spring. I will gladly copy it so I can consult it when the time is right.

Feb 3, 2012 6:11 PM CST
Name: Polly Kinsman
Hannibal, NY

You're welcome. I was impressed also, and I have quite a few in my own garden. So, I think your seeds have potential!
Feb 3, 2012 9:09 PM CST
Name: Dee Stewart
Willamette Valley OR
Snowpeak Iris
Lucky for me I have alot of these and have been using Fogbound or one of the others in crosses some should bloom this year.

Denise Stewart
Snowpeak http://snowpeakiris.com

Feb 4, 2012 9:06 AM CST
Name: Polly Kinsman
Hannibal, NY

You know when you see all those name registering Fogbound babies it's got to be good.

Can't wait to see yours Dee!

I'd like to see While Guitar Gently Weeps, but can't find a pic.
Feb 4, 2012 9:48 AM CST
Name: Neil
Nashville, TN
Hi Polly-

I love a challenge while I’m eating my morning oatmeal……

Go to this website:

On the left, find the line that reads:

Высокие Бородатые (TB)

Click on the “y” letter

And you will find your picture:
Локтев, 10

You’re welcome
Thumbs up
Feb 4, 2012 9:57 AM CST
Name: Polly Kinsman
Hannibal, NY

Thanks Neil!! Don't know how you found that one. I do like it, and doesn't he just look like a George Harrison fan?
Feb 5, 2012 8:01 AM CST
Name: Michele
While I must agree that Fogbound isn't the most eye-catching iris in the garden for its colours, the plant is always impressive for the quality of its bloom. When I split up the clump last year, I took the time (and the space!) to line out 7 single rhizomes in order to continue using it in my breeding programme. At first, I used it as a pollen parent but then discovered that it will also set seed---apparently not as easy to do, but worthwhile as I feel that it passes on more of its qualities this way. Quite astounding to see the list of registered plants that descend from Fogbound! Polly, my thanks for this list, which I have copied and will tuck away in my hybridizing files. I presently have a French Cancan X Fogbound cross that I have high hopes for!
Feb 5, 2012 9:02 AM CST
Name: Katherine Howe
Raytown(Kansas City) MO

That sounds like a promising cross. We want to see what that produces. It is so good of you to share with us.

This year when(and if) they bloom I will certainly make sure to take advantage of every Fogbound bloom I can. In coming to realize this about Fogbound, I am looking at some of my other iris with new eyes.

I will be buying fewer cultivars this year and appreciating the ones I already have. When my mind thinks of all the effort hybridizers have put into what is planted in my beds it is mind boggling.

Now I have to find a great spot for the seedlings that are in greater number with each day as they are emerging in the pots I have started them in. *Blush*

The mysteries of the garden are so exciting and winter isn't such a drag when these little sprouts are taller with each day.

Feb 5, 2012 10:00 AM CST
Name: Marilyn Campbell
Houghton Lake, MI
I am really looking forward to seeing everyone's seedling pictures this year. Smiling
Feb 5, 2012 10:46 AM CST
Name: Polly Kinsman
Hannibal, NY

We will have to have a thread for Fogbound babies that you folks hybridize. What fun!
Feb 5, 2012 12:44 PM CST
Name: Michele
Hi, Katherine, Marilyn and Polly! Something that always amazes me are the vast differences that several people making the SAME CROSS will obtain. . . when I started hybridizing, I hesitated to "copy" other hybridizers' crosses, but this is silly. Chance lands where it will, after all! I'm especially anxious to see the kids from Fogbound X 0768B: Crowned Heads x 0548L (Coeur d'Hiver X Aitken 00T70 (Tokatee Falls x Crowned Heads). 0768B Is a nice plant, solid and floriferous, plus VERY pod and pollen-fertile but doesn't quite have what it takes to be introduced for itself, since there are now so many reverse blues available. This seedling has bluer falls, so I'm trying to have some other seedlings with very white falls, but it sure is a long road. I have now also crossed 0768B with a brown over yellow seedling in a desperate attempt to have darker standards, though I may end up with plants that look muddy. Still, I could swing with something that's nearly black over yellow! Stay tuned!

Thumb of 2012-02-05/auxiris/3b062d

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