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May 4, 2021 5:11 AM CST
Name: Ed
Upstate, SC
You sure have picked out a bunch of purty ones.
May 4, 2021 9:42 AM CST
Name: Arlyn
Whiteside Co, Illinois Zone 5A
Thanks !

Here's some from this morning, such as they are :
Thumb of 2021-05-04/crowrita1/ce70d0
Betsey Boo (Warburton 1974)
Thumb of 2021-05-04/crowrita1/33fe4b
Botta Bing (Spoon 2018)
Thumb of 2021-05-04/crowrita1/37fe5e
Double Overtime
Thumb of 2021-05-04/crowrita1/b82cb0
Eleanor Roosevelt (H.P. Sass 1933)
Thumb of 2021-05-04/crowrita1/0b4087
Fantastic Blue (Palmer1974 / '75)
Thumb of 2021-05-04/crowrita1/ad75be
Gnu Rayz (Kasperak 1996 / '97)
Thumb of 2021-05-04/crowrita1/a44707
I Bless ( Zurbrigg 1984 / '85)
Thumb of 2021-05-04/crowrita1/04b49d
Indian Pow Wow (Brown 1971 / '72)
Thumb of 2021-05-04/crowrita1/4141cd
Inner Space (Tasco 2009)
Thumb of 2021-05-04/crowrita1/6efa2f
Madeleine Grace (Baisch 2016)
Thumb of 2021-05-04/crowrita1/a85336
Navajo Pride ? NOPE, not sure WHAT this is , tagged incorrectly...BOTH clumps of it!!
Thumb of 2021-05-04/crowrita1/ab2a97
a little some thing extra on Protocol (Keppell 1994)
Thumb of 2021-05-04/crowrita1/07ed82
Southland (H.P. Sass 1934)
We didn't have "much" rain, but it came down hard, with some wind, so a lot of opened blossoms were affected
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May 4, 2021 8:02 PM CST
Name: Lucy
Hamilton, MA
I Bless was the best rebloomer in our garden.
May 5, 2021 3:27 PM CST
Name: Arlyn
Whiteside Co, Illinois Zone 5A
I didn't take many pix, today....too lazy Sticking tongue out !
Thumb of 2021-05-05/crowrita1/be9073
Crimson King (Barr 1893)
Thumb of 2021-05-05/crowrita1/f08c60
Florentina (described by Linneaus 1753)
Thumb of 2021-05-05/crowrita1/4c9167
Petit Tigre ( Cayeux 2005 / '06)...SHOULD BE "Man's Best Friend"(Black 2008)
Thumb of 2021-05-05/crowrita1/58513b
Summer Greenshadows (Brown 1864 / '65)
Thumb of 2021-05-05/crowrita1/9da6b6
Warrior Prince ( Tasco 2015)
Thumb of 2021-05-05/crowrita1/46e664
Appleblossom Pink (Boushay 1973 / '75)
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May 6, 2021 1:18 PM CST
Name: Evelyn
Northern CA Sierra foothills -
Arlyn ~ Beautiful!
May 6, 2021 1:27 PM CST
Name: Arlyn
Whiteside Co, Illinois Zone 5A
Thanks !
May 6, 2021 1:55 PM CST
Name: Arlyn
Whiteside Co, Illinois Zone 5A
Some of these were from this morning, and some from "just now"...there are quite a few more, opening, but, I can't "bend over", anymore Sticking tongue out . You may have seen a couple , before, as "singles", but they are "clumping", now !
Thumb of 2021-05-06/crowrita1/c37b18
Ahwahnee Princess (Sutton 2003 / '04)
Thumb of 2021-05-06/crowrita1/6f392d
Alice Bakke (Brown 1974 / '75)
Thumb of 2021-05-06/crowrita1/07604b
Baby Blessed (Zurbrigg 1979)
Thumb of 2021-05-06/crowrita1/f21d07
Elizabeth Huntington (Huntington1928)
Thumb of 2021-05-06/crowrita1/41d518
End Zone (Stahly 2001 / '02)
Thumb of 2021-05-06/crowrita1/195215
Fantastic Blue (Palmer 1974 / '75) The strawberries are "enroaching" on this clump !!
Thumb of 2021-05-06/crowrita1/b831fb
Florentina Purpurea
Thumb of 2021-05-06/crowrita1/984c34
Thumb of 2021-05-06/crowrita1/cdf77d
iris germanica (described by Linneaus 1753)
Thumb of 2021-05-06/crowrita1/a238dd
Kimosabe (Hedgecock 2013)
Thumb of 2021-05-06/crowrita1/7a13f7
Mishawaka (Wise 1949)
Thumb of 2021-05-06/crowrita1/c3713b
Potawatomi (Wise 1949)
Thumb of 2021-05-06/crowrita1/a6265d
Precious Joy (Tasc0 2003 / '04)
Thumb of 2021-05-06/crowrita1/5b44fe
Tennessee Gentleman (Innerst 1989 / '91) The "gent" is an over achiever ...4 standards, 4 falls !
Thumb of 2021-05-06/crowrita1/8c3622
Tribble (Sutton 2006 / '07 )

And, again, thanks to all the Iris buddies, hybridizers, and vendors that "contribute" to my garden !
May 6, 2021 3:34 PM CST
Name: Evelyn
Northern CA Sierra foothills -
Arlyn ~ All beautiful!!! Lovey dubby
May 7, 2021 7:54 AM CST
Name: Arlyn
Whiteside Co, Illinois Zone 5A
A few from this morning:
Thumb of 2021-05-07/crowrita1/f4e89a
Alene's Other Love (Dean 1994)
Thumb of 2021-05-07/crowrita1/bcbd8c
Amethyst Flare (Brown, by Boushay 1975)
Thumb of 2021-05-07/crowrita1/931fce
Champagne Encore (Aitken 1997)
Thumb of 2021-05-07/crowrita1/acf56a
Dark Vader (Miller 1985 / '87)
Thumb of 2021-05-07/crowrita1/723c8e
Thumb of 2021-05-07/crowrita1/034ef0
i. aphylla "prodon" (Hanselmeyer 1958)
Thumb of 2021-05-07/crowrita1/dd9e56
Knotty Pine (Goett 1959 / '61)
Thumb of 2021-05-07/crowrita1/4c107d
Mariposa Wizard ( Tasco 2003 / '04)

Quite a few stalks coming in the early TB's. I've noticed that this is another "mixed up" year, though...lots of different "classes" are in bloom at the same time.
May 7, 2021 8:10 PM CST
Name: Lucy
Hamilton, MA
Our bloom is very poor this year & my garden maintenance is worse. Hard to do when I can't get down to the plants & unsteady upright.
May 8, 2021 7:11 AM CST
Name: Arlyn
Whiteside Co, Illinois Zone 5A
You aren't alone in that , Lucy ! My beds have never looked worse, as far as weeds, and grass *Blush* . Probably 70% of the irises need division, as well. Shrug! I guess there are more "reductions of beds" in my future ! I know Ed says he "want's to expand", but I wonder how he'll feel when the "crates start coming off the mail truck" this year, when I mail them off to him Rolling on the floor laughing !!
There are only a few "younger folks", in our town, who take much interest in "flower gardening", so *gifting* iris (or lilies, peonies..whatever)is limited, here......most either don't have the time, the room, or, the interest to want "flower beds" Shrug! . And the "village property"...small parks, etc.....where some more flowers could be ALREADY being taken care of MOSTLY by I can't pawn off more irises there Rolling on the floor laughing
The last couple years, when I've mailed off plants to HIPS folks, I've just "sent the whole thing" (or all of it that was really worth sending), and eliminated it from my garden...trouble with that is....I still want to have the iris, just need to be younger, again ! Rolling on the floor laughing
May 8, 2021 7:55 AM CST
Name: Ed
Upstate, SC
Weeds are a problem here too. I don't seem to have free time this year until after they've gotten ahead of me. I'm making progress, but very slow progress.

The rain earlier this week has perked up the lawn. I plan to get everything mowed and run the trimmer. I also have some mechanic work to do on oldest daughter's car. But starting out this morning finishing up some work for a Thursday meeting. Another busy work week coming up with meetings and software trainings. About another year until retirement and then I can start on Mrs. Red's to-do list. I feel like Marley in "A Christmas Carol" is a ponderous list.

Arlyn, I considered warning the post office guy and Mrs. Red. But I think I'll just let them get surprised! Rolling on the floor laughing I've noticed several people on NGA that are kinda-sorta nearby with iris interests. Not really any iris gardens around that I've been able to find. Guess I'll just start my own!

Y'all have a great day
May 8, 2021 10:25 AM CST
Name: Arlyn
Whiteside Co, Illinois Zone 5A
You better give them a "heads up", Ed The P.O.may want to put on extra help Whistling .
Here's just a few, from this morning:
Thumb of 2021-05-08/crowrita1/a25328
Ask Alma (Lankow 1986 / '87)
Thumb of 2021-05-08/crowrita1/ced6cc
Elsa Sass (H.P. Sass 1939)
Thumb of 2021-05-08/crowrita1/80f392
a better shot of "iris florentina" (recorded by Linneaus 1753)
Thumb of 2021-05-08/crowrita1/40af77
Golden Bow (H.P. Sass 1939)
Thumb of 2021-05-08/crowrita1/b4e2bf
Thumb of 2021-05-08/crowrita1/700ff9
Melissa (Hinkle 1954)
Thumb of 2021-05-08/crowrita1/7998e8
Raspberry Blush (Hamblen 1975 / '76)
Thumb of 2021-05-08/crowrita1/f4af5c
Wampum (Ensminger 1982 / '83)
May 8, 2021 3:41 PM CST
Name: Arlyn
Whiteside Co, Illinois Zone 5A
and a few more that opened, later today:
Thumb of 2021-05-08/crowrita1/fbfd91
Concertina ( Sutton 1999 / '00)
Thumb of 2021-05-08/crowrita1/3a3898
Lustre (Dykes 1925) this one is hard to's much nicer, in person
Thumb of 2021-05-08/crowrita1/c83f7a
Lavandulacea (Van Houtte 1854) this is one my all time "favorites" !
Thumb of 2021-05-08/crowrita1/d64e9d
Starwoman (Smith 1997 / '98)
May 8, 2021 11:46 PM CST
Name: Evelyn
Northern CA Sierra foothills -
crowrita1 wrote:You better give them a "heads up", Ed The P.O.may want to put on extra help Whistling .
Here's just a few, from this morning:
Thumb of 2021-05-08/crowrita1/a25328
Ask Alma (Lankow 1986 / '87)

Arlyn Lovey dubby ~ That is a gorgeous pink!

Ed ~ Do you know what you are in for? Hilarious!
May 9, 2021 8:54 AM CST
Name: Tom
Just found this thread, you sure have lots of nice ones in bloom. I love the Lavandulacea that you sent me as well. It's grown into a nice clump this year.

I think what you called Petit Tigre is really Man's Best Friend. Here's a pic of the Tigre from last year.
Thumb of 2021-05-09/tveguy/17256f
Here's Man's best friend below. Last year's pic.
Thumb of 2021-05-09/tveguy/ab7944
May 9, 2021 9:31 AM CST
Name: Arlyn
Whiteside Co, Illinois Zone 5A
Yes, you are correct !! Another case of "forgetfulness "...I realized that tag was incorrect, last year....and promptly forgot to correct it *Blush* . I'll "try" to not "forget" , this year Rolling on the floor laughing
May 12, 2021 11:12 AM CST
Name: Arlyn
Whiteside Co, Illinois Zone 5A
Well, I remembered to change that tag...and while I was doing it, I *remembered* details from last time...that sidetracked me from changing it THEN !'s done, now !

Here's a few from today.....lots more pix were "deleted", because of "poor photography". Really sunny, today, and with the bright sun, I can't see the viewfinder screen, on the, lots of guesswork, involved Sticking tongue out !
Thumb of 2021-05-12/crowrita1/1816ed
Autumn Bugler
Thumb of 2021-05-12/crowrita1/bf9a9c
Autumn Circus
Thumb of 2021-05-12/crowrita1/cd1875
Autumn King
Thumb of 2021-05-12/crowrita1/6806dc

Frosty Spirit
Thumb of 2021-05-12/crowrita1/11ee01
Little Big Horn
Thumb of 2021-05-12/crowrita1/441c4e
Little Miss
Thumb of 2021-05-12/crowrita1/42ea07
Queen Dorothy
Thumb of 2021-05-12/crowrita1/21ddcc
Thumb of 2021-05-12/crowrita1/46de66
Royal Summer
Thumb of 2021-05-12/crowrita1/e767ea
one of the honey bees, checking out the aliumThumb of 2021-05-12/crowrita1/cf0bb2
and the last is Thais
May 13, 2021 9:03 AM CST
Name: Tom
Thumbs up Nice bunch on blooms.
May 14, 2021 10:13 AM CST
Name: Arlyn
Whiteside Co, Illinois Zone 5A
a few more pix. Probably be mostly "bed shots", from now on....getting to be too many to do, and it's hard to get in the beds (without breaking off stalks) to get in "the right spot" to take them.
Thumb of 2021-05-14/crowrita1/f16087
Autumn Delight
Thumb of 2021-05-14/crowrita1/9a90f3
Blue Hill
Thumb of 2021-05-14/crowrita1/772ae3
Noble Warrior
Thumb of 2021-05-14/crowrita1/d6d67a
Thumb of 2021-05-14/crowrita1/fb2631
Lady Mohr
Thumb of 2021-05-14/crowrita1/aaaed5
Ma Mie
Thumb of 2021-05-14/crowrita1/658ec7
Thumb of 2021-05-14/crowrita1/918781
Mme. Cheri
Thumb of 2021-05-14/crowrita1/5020a2
Thumb of 2021-05-14/crowrita1/e01c6a
Thumb of 2021-05-14/crowrita1/12e0ed
Violet Miracle
Thumb of 2021-05-14/crowrita1/bfa2a9
Thumb of 2021-05-14/crowrita1/5310b3

Thumb of 2021-05-14/crowrita1/6e0dfd

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