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Oct 7, 2015 11:23 AM CST
Name: Arlyn
Whiteside Co, Illinois Zone 5A
Let me start by saying that I don't *dab pollen* least "yet" I speak only as one who isn't faced with either the prospect of having to say ,"My *baby* isn't "good enough", so I'll compost it!", or, the question of whether I should "share" my *baby* with another iris growing friend, who thinks it's a real "beauty"!
All your comments make pretty good sense to me....and all seem to be fairly "common sense" proposals .........what's "yours IS yours", and "what's mine IS mine", unless we agree to share !
The one thing I see happen a lot, and really *bothers* the "sharing" of a person's seedlings ! I really do believe that if it's 'good enough to share" should be registered ! There are a great many "un registered" iris floating around in peoples gardens.....both private AND commercial......that folks just can't help themselves from "applying" a name to, or, spend a great amount of time trying to FIND a name for. And , if these seedlings are shared out....even if it's a KNOWN , unregistered seedling, and shared, as such......eventually, somebody will "lose" THAT information, and stick a 'garden name "on it, or, worse yet.....say "it MUST be "So and SO" sure does LOOK like it !"....and then the REAL "So and SO" has an "imposter" floating around ! Not fair to the REAL "So and SO", the REAL hybridizer, or any one who expects to get the "real deal", and winds up with an imposter !
And just saying, " I'll mark it as "Joe Blow's Seedling"...and THAT will stop all the confusion, is wishful thinking. I might get run over by a bus , tomorrow, and whoever 'cleans up" my garden either won't know, or won't care, if the "seedling name" stays with the iris when it's given away !
Anyway, I think your "Iris Ethics" make good , common, sense, and are well stated Thumbs up !
A few things that we must bear in mind, though, is that "common sense" is a very UN common commodity ! And , as humans, we can ALWAYS find reasons why "rules and ethics" DON'T apply in OUR case !

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