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Oct 21, 2015 10:20 AM CST
Name: Michele
Hi Marilyn. . . I'm only sorry to have to keep going on and on about it, really; there seems to be no respect of ethics anymore, though ALL of the ideas that I wrote down are those that I picked up from other people in the iris world. I didn't invent any of it. However, one of the reasons people get away with this sort of thing is that a) no one blows the whistle on them and b) even if you do, most folks don't even listen---or worse, think that you are only trying to stir up trouble for the fun of it. This couldn't be farther from the truth, since what concerns and motivates me is that SOMEONE should at least be trying to clean up this sort of mess and I feel that by pointing out the somewhat less than pretty things, we can all have iris associations, competitions and so on that are more honest and fair.

I haven't really accomplished much of anything. . . here in France, I am mostly considered to be a "nobody" in the iris world. I don't belong to the so-called "national" iris association (because I don't agree with the way they do things or treat people) because I have been trashed by both this association and the national iris association in my own country, that is to say the AIS. So, regardless of the awards that my plants have won already (many medals from the Munich International Iris Competition and an AGC from the British Iris Society, which opens the door to the Dykes medal competition for this plant) and the fact that my plants are distributed by Hugh Stout in the United States and Ets. Cayeux here in Europe, I am essentially no one special.

I've spent twenty years of my life trying to breed decent irises. . . at the beginning, I really sincerely thought that it was all about pretty flowers and nice people and maybe even a good time to be had. I've never had a difficult time with the idea of hard work or making efforts to see my dreams become reality and I also thought that I might just have a bit of recognition for what I've done, though this certainly wasn't my main goal. But, after all this time of living in one place and gardening in another which is four hours away---with all the sacrifices that implies---I'm wondering where I went wrong and what I did to be ostracized.

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