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Mar 19, 2016 4:13 PM CST
As I am involved in that talk I would like that the Cubits members know exactly why that went on. I first sent a tree mail to warn ATP that many French irises posted in the database were wrong (not a single doubt about the French person posting who knows NOTHING about irises), spoiling the reputation of a French public garden. What I saw in the iris database was beyong my understanding. Wrong French irises, famous US impostors, irises the name of which DOES NOT EXIST AT ALL,, iris with a wrong spelling, the wrong hybridizer and so on. What's rude about asking to put the things straight??? I thought ATP should be grateful. I was wrong. I had been invited to send a 'tree mail' to a person I am having much contempt for and who is putting the mess wherever he goes.
Further to that I saw my pictures jumping up without my copyright. I could not imagine that ATP needed to get pictures of mine from the Cayeux FB page (Publication of the visitors).

When I see unacceptable mistakes about irises (confusing Plicata with a self, or red for a yellow, etc) that are APPROVED byt the 'moderators' I do not know what to think.

I take the opportunity to say that I regret the cubits database. I saw that some pictures were removed. Both Dee and Polly have been always doing a fantastic job and I have much respect fo that. I had not time to come and post the few last years, taking care of my mother who died last year. What happened with ATP gives the evidence that they are running on a one-way-road. I was very grateful to Dave for having given us the opportunity to create cubits. I really thought it was a friendly place and that discussions about any serious problem damaging the knowledge was possible. It is not. I feel sorry for the members who care for proper knowledge and are offered wrong information.

Dave if you are reading this ATP breakes the law with quoting a private correspondence received in a tree mail.

I am not embarrassed to write the above for which I have all the evidence if needed. It is really sad.

Michèle is a talented hybridizer as Dee Stewart is. How funny to see that I was the only one to post irises from Dee in the ATP database? I noticed that many people 'speak' about irises but do not 'grow any'

You and your team have decided to 'remove auxiris and my account'. OK Dave. What about my data?? Pictures? Do you remove people and keep their data?? To do GOOD pictures and to POST them takes a LOT OF TIME. If you think that someone is not good enough for you I guess that his/her work is not good enough either? So please remove them also. What I saw with the French irises in the ATP database is to me unacceptable. .

You can be proud to have removed Auxiris who is on the list for the Dykes medal!!! I guess that is the sign of the real interest in irises and about what going on in the world.

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