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Jan 20, 2017 5:42 AM CST
Name: Betsy
auxiris wrote:I really had thought that I'd finished saying what I had on my mind, but there is one thing more, something to think about: if Keith Keppel, Joe Ghio, Barry Blyth, Paul Black or any number of other hybridizers had said exactly what I said (which everyone here seems to agree was not at all out of line), no one would ever have thought for a split second of cancelling their membership. And think about this, too: it could be you someday, if you should decide to express a point of view that just happens to rub other people the wrong way and then someone suddenly decides you are just a little bit too «disruptive» or not «peaceful» enough when you actually had something important to say. Just saying.

Been there, done that. No one wants you to tell them they are wrong or for you to substantiate your position... and they don't want you to magnify their flaws or peculiarities regardless of how willing to learn or friendly they attempt to project themselves. It hurts their feelings and it provokes a response in them to magnify, create, or invent a reason to retaliate. We are afterall, dealing with folks who have a lot of pride in what they do. You can't trash ATP if you want to be a member.... the Admins put forth a ton of effort and openly degrading them is not productive. (That could be the problem) As you mentioned about status... it is true that the spelling of your name will determine whether or not what you say is acceptable. You will find that to be true in almost any established circle. wants a more gentle environment and I don't say I blame them. Don't rock the garden boat. I am actually a Super Mod from a conservative opinionated political news sight. I am used to being challenged so it doesn't impede me or hurt tender feelings when it happens and I have a tendency to respond in attorney like fashion. ATP is not the place for that. I made the mistake myself but Dave has been merciful and not given me the Axe which I am greatful for. Sometimes... no matter how wrong another person is or how wrong they are about you and your intentions... things are better left unsaid. When I received a public notification that I was banned from one of the forums because I had hurt some feelings ( I wasn't really banned at that point) I went through the forum and quickly removed personal pictures I had posted of myself or family.., Also personal information I had posted. I thought it was wrong to leave my personal info in that forum and at the hands of those forum members who appeared were collaborating to harm me. (I forgive them but wouldn't trust them) After I "liked" a few comments some members realized their first attempt to ban me had not succeeded so they persued the course..... (Not because "liking" a comment is a violation... or because I had posted anything since they thought I was banned. It was to satisfy their anger. I personally think that Dave is quite reasonable... he definitely put up with a bit of my own grumpiness a time or two. but.... he has to keep his community happy. I don't think you should blame Dave for everything. As a mod on a forum I can tell you that we have secret Mod threads where we discuss issues before the conclusion happens but Admin. has the final say on sight banning. Every Mod has ability to ban you and can pressure Admin to do it. As mods on my news forum we uphold the final decision even if one does not agree. Also, mods and long time members on my sight have formed a sort of family clique behind the scenes and we don't like to see our family offended despite how fair we try to be. Keep that in mind on all Internet forums.

In big time political arena we put up with a lot more emotion and debate than a simple garden forum will. It's important to keep in mind which circle you are dealing with. None of us are perfect.

I am a budding garden novice... I have a lot of learning to do. Whenever I have questions that pertain directly to growing... I SEEK my advice from the big professional names but I pay attention to what the little folks (like me) are saying too. Most Everyone is valuable even if some don't see it. Except those who intentional try to hurt others.. I am looking forward to reading all your commentaries. I'm sure I can learn from your knowledge and experience. Hurray!

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