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Jan 20, 2017 5:51 AM CST
Name: Betsy
auxiris wrote:This discussion concerning correct Internet use, language and all is very interesting. . . but it does distract just a bit from the core problem: being tossed out like last week's trash with no explication and no second chance. I think I have decided for myself that ATP certainly isn't for me! I don't need that kind of grief. When I take the time away from what else I have to do (keeping my enormous garden in line, fixing our old house so that it is fit to live in permanently and organising our eventual cross-country move which is to take place sometime this year) to write longish posts explaining my photograph policy, such as the ones that got me tossed from ATP, I expect to be listened to and treated with a certain amount of respect. I wasn't, so that's that and as I said earlier, given the chance I'd have closed the account myself. I have to wonder about all these folks who control a forum site, a Facebook group or whatever (you know who you are) and who treat others as if they were little children and threaten them with banishment just because they say something honest or straight out without dancing around the issue.

There is certainly a lot that is wrong with the iris world, on both sides of the ocean. It's much too big a problem to be dealt with successfully by just a few people, particularly when the associative world concerned with irises is often controlled by those who are only interested in promoting. . . themselves. It's a long, hard road to putting even one new cultivar in front of the iris-admiring public; that's fine, I'm not afraid of hard work, never have been, but I'm much happier off in my little corner creating all by myself than I am trying to be a respected member of any association or group. A very happy spring to all here.

I'm coming to France in August 2017. Send me a message and perhaps I could visit that enormous garden of yours if I'm in your area.

As far as "promoting themselves" you will find people do that in most any arena... I would capitalize instead of bold my letters so a few thought I was yelling. And I made long posts like this one... that some dubbed to be a lecture instead of a discussion. It's an individual perception. But I will say that the gardeners are far more willing to share successes. That's what these garden forums are all about. Sharing successes and knowledge. 😊🌹 (I just shared some of my own knowledge with you. I hope something I say here is useful.)

(I do understand how you feel. When I was banned from one forum I received many secret private messages from other ATP members who saw what happened to me and felt I was treated unjustly by others. I had enough support during that time it did not discourage me but it opened my eyes. I hope you have had support also. Two strong ATP members actually told me they stopped posting in that particular forum when they saw how I was treated. I encouraged them not to limit themselves for my sake. 😊 Maybe banning IS or is NOT unjust... much of that determination is held through the eyes of each individual. Simetimes it's a mean spirited act. Sometimes it's an act of wisdom.

Sometimes... Admin. Has to make hard decisions and determine which members or contributors are more valuable. In my case I was less valuable but that doesn't mean in the future I cannot be more valuable. It's a matter of learning from mistakes. There are team standards and personal standards. It takes time to figure out what those are.👍🏻)

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