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Aug 25, 2012 2:17 PM CST
Name: Patricia
Central TX 7b/8a
Hurray! The 2012 Pacific Northwest Iris Growers sale starts on Tuesday, Sept. 11 Hurray!

Please remember that the only way to order is by posting on the following Order Threads. NO orders will be accepted through c-mail, tree-mail, e-mail, etc.




I'm putting a lot of information in this thread for those who like to know all the details at the very beginning. Key instructions will be repeated on the ORDER THREAD as well. The procedures are the same as they were last year.


Each year the PNW Iris Growers have a bearded iris sale at their September meeting.
As a fund raiser for that association, Denise offers the leftovers to us at a bargain price, only $3 per rhizome!
In the past there have been quite a few rhizomes left and many very nice irises.

The irises will have been dug for 1½ to 2 weeks by the time you receive them and may have some dried leaves, so please don't order if this is an issue.
There will be no refunds.
I've ordered every year and have never received a rhizome that was not healthy and ready to grow.

Denise will send me the list of irises being offered on Sunday, Sept. 9.
I’ll add photo links and post the list at the bottom of this thread late that day or very early on Monday, Sept. 10.


To give those who work at different times a chance to participate, approximately half the rhizomes will be for sale on Tuesday, Sept. 11, at 6 a.m. Pacific time (9 a.m. in the East).
The other half will be for sale the same day at 6 p.m. Pacific time (9 p.m. in the East).

You will order by posting on the ORDER THREAD in this forum.
The ORDER THREAD will be locked until the official start time, and orders will be filled in the order that they are posted.
You can look at each ORDER THREAD just before the sale to see which irises and how many of each are offered in each round.

List the irises that you want in alphabetical order, the same way they appear on the Master List.
Indicate the number of rhizomes you want of each to the left of the name.
If no number is given, I will assume you want one rhizome.

To add to or change an order, make a new post.
I will not look for changes, and you will not get what you want.

The SPREADSHEET is on GoogleDocs.

Once the sale starts, I will update the spreadsheet frequently so you can see which irises you were able to get, which ones are sold out, and which ones are still available. If you find an error in your order on the spreadsheet, please send me a c-mail right away.
The spreadsheet will also help you keep track of how much you are spending, including shipping, but please WAIT for Denise's invoice before paying.

There is a limit of 25 rhizomes per participant for the first day.
It's okay to order in both rounds on Tuesday, as long as you don't go over 25 total for first day.
After 6 a.m. Pacific time on Wednesday, Sept. 12, the limit is off, and you may order as many as you want.

As soon as you have ordered, send me a c-mail with ALL of the following information:
1. your real name
2. your shipping address
3. your e-mail address (Denise has to have this to e-mail you an invoice)
4. your choice of credit card or PayPal for payment

When your order is final, post that it is in a new post on the open ORDER THREAD or send me a c-mail to that effect.
I will then send your order to Denise, and she will send you an invoice by e-mail.
When you receive the invoice, it's time to make your payment.


All orders must be paid for by Friday, Sept. 14, at 9 p.m. Pacific time (midnight in the East).

You may use PayPal. Your total will include the 4.7% PayPal fee that PayPal charges Denise for her business account. Denise's PayPal address is [email protected]

You may use your credit card by calling Denise at 541-259-2343 after 6 p.m. Pacific time and giving her your credit card number

You may use Intuit, following the instructions on the invoice.

No checks or money orders will be accepted for this sale because of the very short time frame.

Irises not paid for by the deadline will be reposted to the spreadsheet on Saturday, Sept. 15, and will be available to whoever orders them first provided they are ready to pay immediately.


Denise will be packing the irises on Sept. 15 and 16 and mailing on Sept. 17 and 18.

Shipping charges:
West of the Mississippi $8.00 + $.65 per rhizome
East of the Mississippi $9.00 + $.75 per rhizome


If you have questions, this thread is the place to ask them. Then everyone can benefit from the answers. When the sale starts, this thread will be locked, so ask questions or post discussion on the open order thread.


Click on the name to see a photo.
Most irises are tall beardeds, but here is a link to classification codes: Bearded Iris Classifications

6 Aaron's Dream TB RE
9 Amber Essence TB
2 And Away We Go TB
6 Aristocracy TB
3 Arms Wide Open TB
21 Arthouse TB
6 Bad Boys SDB
23 Ballet Ruffles TB NO PHOTO (1978 intro from Nate Rudolph: Standards blue-pink; falls pale pink, deeper at edges; deep pink beard; laced and ruffled)
20 Bargain Hunter TB
17 Be Original TB
2 Bewitchment TB
1 Black Bull BB
16 Black Magic Woman TB
5 Black Suited TB
2 Blue Eyed Susan TB
5 Brazilian Art TB
7 Brilliant Idea TB
1 Cabot Cove TB
3 Class Clown TB
6 Color Strokes TB
1 Come Away With Me TB
3 Company of One TB
4 Crowned Heads TB
3 Dakota Smoke TB
2 Daughter of Stars TB RE
1 Days of Summer TB RE
3 Delta Lady TB RE
7 Dollie and Me MTB
1 Dressed To Kill TB
3 Duncan's Smiling Eyes TB
5 Emma's Laughter TB
13 Fame and Glory TB
2 Fancy A Flutter TB
6 Flame Amber TB
5 Florentine Silk TB
6 Gilt Edged Bond TB
21 Glad TB
20 Here Comes The Sun TB
5 High Octane TB
2 High Priestess TB
3 Honeycomb TB
20 Into The Blue TB
2 It's Getting Better TB
2 It's My Party TB
4 Juke Box Hero TB
2 Let It Be TB
19 Like Wow TB
3 Loopty Loo TB
2 Mahogany Magic TB
2 Mango Passion TB
7 Midwest Farewell TB
1 Mist Arising TB
1 Monsoon Moon TB
2 Moonlit Water TB
1 Musician TB
6 My Generation TB
3 Night Moves TB
3 Noble Spirit TB
7 Ocean Pop TB
4 On the Town TB
3 Out of the Dark TB
2 Overboard TB
5 Pacific Belle TB
1 Pacific Fire TB
3 Passion Play TB
2 Piano Man TB
3 Pink Champagne TB
1 Pink Pincurls TB
3 Pirate Ahoy TB
9 Powderpuff Girl TB
2 Power Point TB
3 Psychic TB
5 Purdue Pete TB
2 Pursuit of Happiness TB
23 Queen of the Mist TB
5 Raging River TB
3 Raging Tide TB
4 Raspberry Lady TB
23 Raven Girl TB
18 Rio Rojo TB
4 Roaring Twenties TB
6 Rock and Roll Girl TB
3 Royal Majesty TB
2 Royal Orders TB
3 Royal Togs TB
3 Russian Violet TB
2 Saturn TB
8 Secret Partner TB
3 Senior Moment TB
1 Shakin All Over TB
2 Silk Road TB
3 Snapshot TB
2 Society Lady TB
4 Spiced Lemon TB
1 Spirit in the Sky TB
2 Spirits Rising TB
3 Splashacata TB
1 Spot Starter TB
2 Stairway to Heaven TB
2 Standing Alone TB
1 Steeples TB
2 Stillettos TB
2 Stolen Sweets TB
3 Strut Your Stuff TB
2 Stylized Blue TB
2 Sunblaze TB
2 Super Model TB
5 Swoosh TB
12 Tail Hook TB
1 That's Hot TB
4 Think About It TB
5 Thundering Ovation TB
12 Tour De France TB
7 Traffic TB
2 Tropical Twister TB
5 Tudor Ruffles TB RE
1 Undivided Attention TB
4 Uptown Lady TB
6 Venita Faye TB
6 Versailles TB
2 Vivid Look TB
1 War Chief TB
4 Wedding Belle TB
2 Wench TB
4 Whispering Lilac TB
4 Winning Ticket TB
6 Gubijin Beardless Iris
6 Foxcroft Full Moon Beardless Iris
6 Gold Pagoda Beardless Iris
6 Southern Wanderer Beardless Iris

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