Juglone Susceptible Plants forum: what I have observed.

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May 11, 2012 1:43 PM CST
My tomato plants will look fantastic! but the fruit will rot from the inside out before they ever get ripe.
Green Peppers, no matter what size plant you start with, will shrink instead of grow.
Marigolds will litterally die within a few weeks.
Old fashioned lilacs will do fine. French lilacs will be very brittle; grow a branch, lose a branch-gaining no ground, and will not bloom. (Move them out of range and they will take right off.)
Some roses will do the same as the French lilacs. Some of the older varieties will do fine.
Lots of things will do great! Just don't waste your time and money by putting something there that you don't verify against one of the many available lists ahead of time....that's the mistake I made when we first bought our house.
May 13, 2012 11:37 AM CST
Name: Christine Wootton
Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Great observations Amy! I did the same (wasting time and so much money) when we first bought our house. Most of everything I planted the year we bought was absent the next spring, and it was then that we found out about the juglone.

Clematis generally don't do well either, but I've found that adding dolomitic lime in the fall to sweeten the earth will help them grow and flower quite well. They still don't do as good as other clemmies where there's no poisoning though.

I agree about lilacs. I almost lost a dwarf lilac that was too close to my trees, so it being a relatively new shrub, I moved it to the front of my house and it is thriving.

Hostas thrive, as do bell flowers and cone flowers. I'm experimenting with some bulbs. Of the dozen tulip bulbs I planted, 3 came up and one flowered. Purple alium seems invincible, as did yellow for two years, but now its not very happy, and is just laying on the ground.

The previous owner planted rhubarb about 6 feet from one of the trees. The rhubarb tastes okay, but the stems are really skinny and the leaves relatively small. But it keeps growing so the juglone doesn't outright kill it, just stunts it I guess.


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