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Feb 17, 2011 8:05 AM CST
Name: Charlene Houseman
Lehigh Acres, Fl 33971
Newly transplanted fr Cen TX
At the Ball Park

First one up is a boy named Matt,
He’s kinda short but he has a good bat.

He strikes at the first curve ball,
He misses it; he’s so very small.

He strikes again and touches the cover,
How he hopes the next one won’t be a glover.

Nothing comes his way but balls,
He’ll get on first with no cat calls.

Number 4 comes up to the plate,
The stands are cheering him, they can’t wait.

He bunts the ball and gets on base
The little guy ahead of him has no time to waste.

The redhead kid with freckles grins,
He hopes to get a hit again.

He hits to right field now the bases are loaded,
The fans were screaming as the ball exploded.

Now it’s time for the coach’s son,
He knows he needs to bring them home.

He puts himself in his best hitting stance,
He doesn’t want to risk this chance.

If he gets out oh how sad,
He knows what he’ll hear from the coach, his dad:

(If you would have listened son,
You could have scored a grand slam run.)

Luck is with him on this day,
He hits the ball and it flies away.

Sometimes it hard to be the coach’s son,
But not when you score a Grand Slam Homerun!

Grand slam ball to keep forever,
Is the coach’s sons best new treasure.
The stands are screaming, the game is done
All the games efforts end on the one last run!

Everyone piles into the van!
It’s off to DQ as fast as we can.

Rewards are waiting,
The kids are celebrating.

The mom’s and dad’s drink sodas
While discussing all the games totals.

The kids just eat ice cream, cake, and punch.
They know that altogether they are a great bunch.

The next game will come and the next game will go.
They will remain friends for life they know.

Playing ball is fun and that’s what most kids like to do,
They hate it when they hear someone yell boo.

The ref is their friend and has a good eye,
He knows when a ball is low or when it is high.

The mom’s make good snacks for the team mates to eat,
So they can have strength the other team to beat.

The dad’s help the coach and the coach is someone’s dad,
The kid’s don’t like it when the coach gets mad.

The grandparents come to the games to see the grand’s play,
They would never dream of missing a game day.

When the games are all done and summer is here,
The player’s are sometimes said to shed a real tear.

While the children are young and time stands still,
Take them to the ball park please if you will.

For at the ball park a child’s character is formed,
He’ll learn that a loss won’t cause him too much harm.

A kid likes to win and make himself and all proud,
But he really likes to play to a kind crowd.

When there is a bad call don’t respond with a negative shout.
Teach the children that good sportsmanship is what it's about.

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