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Image "Let's get Pickled!"
By Kathleen Guagliano on April 23, 2010

When I think of Dill pickles, I dream of one of those intensively flavored Kosher Garlic Dills you get along side of a big beautiful Corned Beef sandwich at a New York Deli. A little crispy, very garlicky but pickled throughout with no white centers...this recipe and technique is not only easy, but it's the real thing!

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Image Preserving Garden Jewels - Homemade Tomato Juice
By Kathleen Guagliano on June 16, 2010

Whether you have an overabundance of fresh garden tomatoes, go to a U-pick farm or purchase from a reliable vegetable vendor, this is a wonderful way to get the highest yield when preserving tomatoes.

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La Cucina di Kat

Aka: “Kat’s Kitchen”. A warm and friendly place to really talk about good food, tell stories and share recipes from days gone by. Good down to earth cooking with an ethnic flair!

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