La Cucina di Kat: Grits

When I first came to Florida from Canada I had no idea what Grits were! In fact, they looked downright unappetizing! Well, over the year’s I’ve actually grown to really love them and they’re just not only for breakfast. I have to say that these blue cheese grits are amazing and make a nice alternative to potatoes or rice. The idea to make these came from having them in a nice steakhouse as a side to a filet! This combo could convert the worst grit hater into a believer!


1/2 cup of Yellow stoneground grits
1 cup of chicken stock
1 cup of water
1/3 cup of Crumbled Blue Cheese
1 tablespoon of butter
Chopped parsley (optional)

Makes about 4 side servings

Bring the Chicken Stock and Water to a boil. Stir in the Grits and cook for about 15 minutes on low, stirring every so often. If they get too thick, add in a little water. When grits are cooked, stir in the butter and blue cheese. Add Salt and Pepper to taste! Stir in your parsley and “voila”. Now how easy is that? 


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