La Cucina di Kat: Peeling Eggs

Why are some eggs so hard to Peel?

Does anybody know why some eggs are so hard to peel? I've heard all kinds of theories - They're too fresh, they're too stale, you need to put salt in the water when boiling, etc. etc. etc.. I made pickled eggs the other day and they were just a PAIN IN THE BUTT! I ended up with a ton of Egg Salad because they weren't useable and had that "Crater effect"!

Having posed this question on my cooking thread, here's some of the answers:

Cook hard boiled eggs 10 minutes - much longer and you'll have the green ring. Drain hot water either shake them around in the pan or crack the shell with an object a few times, let sit in cold water for 5 to 10 min. so that the water seeps in via the cracks. Always easy to peel.

Use a sharp object like a thumbtack to puncture a hole in the round end of the egg, where the air chamber is. It releases pressure inside of the egg, so the shell won't crack. Let eggs cook in a very gentle boil for 10 minutes. They should not boil at too high a temperature, otherwise the the egg white will be tough, and the inside green and rubbery. After the eggs have simmered, pour out the hot liquid, and shake the pan to crackle the shells. Next submerge it in an ice water bath. Leave the eggs in the cold bath for 15 minutes, enough time to allow the eggs to cool and the stinky sulfur inside the eggs to dissipate into the ice water. Peel the egg under a stream of water.

This makes it easier to peel away the egg's thin outer membrane. Enjoy tender, perfectly cooked egg!
As eggs get older, their air chamber gets larger. To get a sense of the age of an egg, submerge it in water. Older eggs will float, while fresh ones will sink.

Add 1Tablespoon of vinegar to water in which you are boiling the eggs.


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