La Cucina di Kat: Chocolate and Fruit Trifle!

YAY!!! I Finally Made a Killer Dessert!

I am really not a good baker or dessert maker, but I keep trying! Well this is one recipe that tastes as good as it looks! It’s real pretty for the Holidays too and is actually easy to make! I decorated this one with Kiwi and Strawberries, but I think any combo of fruit would be nice. Instead of whipped cream, you can use Cool whip for the filling, but I think that by not adding sugar to the whip cream it makes it lighter and a little less sweet.


 1 package of Chocolate pudding mix
1 package of Brownie Mix – I used that Ghiardelli’s (they’re real moist)
½ cup of water
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
8 oz of heavy whipping cream
1 12oz container of Cool Whip thawed
Caramel syrup
1 Heath Bar crumbled (put in a plastic bag and crush)
2 Kiwi’s
Strawberries sliced (or other fruit)
Milk chocolate for shavings

Bake your Brownies and cool completely. Cut them into about 1” squares.

Whip the whipping cream until stiff. In a large bowl, combine the pudding mix, condensed milk and water. Thoroughly mix until smooth. Fold in your whipping cream until it is uniform in color with no streaking.

Take a large trifle or other glass bowl and put a drizzle of the caramel syrup on the bottom. Place half the brownies on top, then layer with half of the pudding mixture, half of the crumbled Heath bar and then half of the cool whip topping. Stand a line of fruit around the inside of the bowl for decoration then repeat the layer one more time starting with the caramel syrup. Garnish with fruit and chocolate shavings.
Let it set in the refrigerator for 8 hours before serving.

I'm thinking this could also be good made individually and served in brandy snifters or wine glasses!

Note: For an extra punch, drizzle some liquer such as Grand Marnier or Kahlua over the brownies while assembling

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