La Cucina di Kat: Cleaning Calamari

Cleaning Calamari...Arrrggghhh!

Most of the time I try to buy Calamari that is pre-cleaned. Sometimes though, I can only find it frozen in a 3lb box and because I'm the kind of person that has made her mind up that she's cooking Calamari that day...I'm forced to clean it! Arrrgghhh! Okay...quit with the drama - It's really not that bad. Just messy and tedious! 

Here's what a 3lb box of frozen Calamari looks like. These are very small ones and I prefer a littler larger...but after travelling to 3 stores today on the search for Calamari...beggers can't be choosers! 

(Click on photo's for expanded view)

Thumb of 2010-09-27/Katg/be9e08
A thawed whole Calamari:

Thumb of 2010-09-27/Katg/115655

After you thaw the Calamari...Grab the head with the tentacles and hold onto the body. Give it a quick pull and it should separate, pulling most of the innards with it. Scoop out as much of the innards as you can.

Thumb of 2010-09-27/Katg/d01c28

Peel the skin off of the Calamari as well as the fins. It's a light membrane that's full of ink.

Thumb of 2010-09-27/Katg/2dff18

Feel for the "Quill" or the "Backbone" - it's a clear plastic looking strip that runs up one side of the squid.

Thumb of 2010-09-27/Katg/1fdcc3


Thumb of 2010-09-27/Katg/2a3727

Now - It's time to deal with the Tentacles (If you're using them) Trim off any attached innards and lay the head flat.

Thumb of 2010-09-27/Katg/cc3e3f

Cut just below the eyes. After you cut, you'll notice that there is a little hard ball (something like a soft pearl). Just pop it out.

Thumb of 2010-09-27/Katg/aa1353

Here's the 3 lbs of Squid completely cleaned and ready to go!

Thumb of 2010-09-27/Katg/be48ff

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this presentation and still continue to like Calamari! hehe


Braised Stuffed Calamari Recipe from Anne Burrell

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