La Cucina di Kat: Homemade Horseradish

Oh but it hurts SO GOOD!

If a recipe should have horns - this it is!

I just happened to be at my local veggie market the other day and spotted these unusual and gnarly looking roots. Turned out to be Horseradish roots and I just had to buy some to try!

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After checking out various techniques on the internet, this one seemed the easiest and most logical as I didn't feel like sitting with a grater all day and crying my eyes out from the fumes! As you can see, I had 2 large roots which made about 2 cups of Horseradish and it's pretty easy!

1lb of Horseradish root
a few tablespoons of water
approx 2 tablespoons of white vinegar


Wash and peel the roots - I used a peeler and then finished off any deeply imbedded marks with a paring knife. Cut the peeled roots into 1 inch pieces - be careful as this is when things start heating up!

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Place the cut pieces into a food processor and let it whirl - it will take quite a bit of time to get it to a smooth consistency. At first my mixture was fairly dry so I kept adding tablespoons of water to give it more liquid and keep the mixture together. Try to do this very quickly and at arms length away as the fumes are about 10 times stronger than when you're cutting up onions! When you've come up with the right fine texture, pulse in the vinegar as this will neutralize the heat a bit but you still need to be careful. Let it sit for a while and then carefully transfer it to a jar or airtight container.

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I'm going to say that this homemade horseradish is about twice as strong as store-bought and will last about 3 to 4 weeks in the refrigerator.

And of course...

Because I made Horseradish, I just had to buy an 8lb Prime Rib Roast to go with it! lol lol lol

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To make a Creamy Version:

6 Tbsp prepared horseradish
1/2 cup sour cream
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
2 Tbsp mayonnaise
1 Tbsp chopped chives

Mix ingredients together. Serve as a sauce for beef or pork.
Makes about 1cup.


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