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Aug 17, 2011 3:12 PM CST
Name: Donna
The waste kills me too. The worst one for me to try to watch is Giada on the Food Network. So many of her recipes use spendy ingredients and 1/8-1/4 of it remains in the bowl, blender or food processor. Not a spatula in sight on her show.

One of the sites I use for recipes lets you rate the reviews for helpfulness so I try to sort them by helpfulness votes if they don't automatically arrange themselves that way. Usually they are truely the helpful reviews not the "I didn't make this at all true to the posted recipe but am still calling it yours and we hated it" reviews.
Aug 17, 2011 6:22 PM CST
Name: Dorothy (LaVonne) Mitchell
Somerset, KY

When I was growing up we used leftovers for making future meals for the week. If we had a Chuck Roast (back then it was a cheap cut of meat) with vegetables and garlic salt and pepper sparingly and tomato paste +water just enough to keep it from burning in the roast pan all the left overs were used for another meal or 2. Mom did her best to wast nothing. I learned from her and when my family was growing up I did the same thing. Since my family liked mexican food as well as the usual "american" dishes, I learned to blend them for other family liked well seasoned meals, low on the salt and oil.

Now I am just one Person..hard to cook meals just for casseroles, pots of spagetti with my good homemade sauce, meatballs and oven toasted garlic bread. Pot roast and such. I do make a meatloaf and that makes me 2 - 3 meals and a sandwich or 2 for the week.

I would like to see a food network show that dealt with leftovers..I know they must have a few meals that they could make at each showing.

Tahlmorra lujhala mei wiccan
(The fate of a man rests always within the hands of the gods)
Aug 17, 2011 6:31 PM CST
Name: Donna
There was a show that came on daytime mainly Robin something or other where she cooked extra meats/prepped extra veggies/sauces or rice to make meals further along in the week. Not exactly leftovers per se but planned ahead meals.
Aug 20, 2011 7:32 AM CST
Name: Susan
Zone 5
Charley's Girl Too/ HeHaw, HeHaw
I agree I would love to learn a new recipe with my left overs. There is a chef (can't remember his name...wrote a cookbook) who appears regularly on Nate Berkus show. In one of his demonstrations, he boils up a bunch of chicken then cubes, shreds, and slices...then he shows us 5 different way to make smaller meals, put them together then freeze and heat and eat later. Maybe this is the direction they prefer to head...smaller portions always fresh. Still it always seems there are times I'm stuck with a big left over that I am eating for days. Lately I've been seeing for best food safety, leftovers should be ate within three days. I am a beginner cook and really don't know a lot about that kind of stuff. Also didn't know that when you take precooked food out of the freezer you should only cook the portion you are going to eat. I just kept reheating the whole casserole till it was gone. Love it when the chefs throw in cooking tips and tricks.

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