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Dec 8, 2010 11:46 PM CST
Name: Kathy Guagliano
Port Charlotte Florida
Sandi: Thank-you so much for the compliments on the photos! But you're not going to believe how good the potato chip recipe in the microwave is! I think I really portrayed myself as the skeptic, but I was so pleasantly really works

I have a site where I post some of my recipes and I posted this one the other night. It was amazing the number of comments I received (150+) and some of them included testing/variations. Here's some of the suggestions:

I just tried this. I can confirm, it works. I actually added the salt (and a tiny bit of cracked black pepper) to the bag with oil, so it cooked it into the chip rather than acted as a condiment. I recommend this highly. Good thing about the 'batch' thing actually was I ate the first (very small) batch, and was satisfied. No need to make more. Maybe it's actually good for dieting ? :P

I read about something like this somewhere (I forget the link). The writer recommended skewering the chips on a wet skewer before cooking them; this keeps you from having to use a an oiled plate or parchment paper.Also, for the lazy, I wonder if you can skewer them and then hit them with one of the Pam sprays or olive some oil in a mister of some sort instead of oiling them; combined with a mandolin slicer, it might make it very fast to prepare.

Tried this and it worked great! The next batch I tried with balsamic vinegar mixed with the oil to create salt and vinegar chips and they also turned out fabulous. Great idea!

Just tried it with sweet potato, definitely legit. seasoned with cinnamon sugar,sea salt,pepper, and cumin.

This was really interesting because the person actually took the time to test out several techniques and had a little party doing it!

This has to be one of the most interesting recipes I've seen in a long time. When I was a kid (early 80's) we got our first microwave and my mom went crazy. For about a year we cooked everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in the microwave. After a few gray pork chops and some egg disasters it was basically used to defrost food and make popcorn. Anyway, this takes me back to those days.I had a couple of friends over for dinner tonight, and decided to make a several potatoes worth using different seasoning blends, cooking surfaces, and oils. I used russet potatoes, sliced very thin using a mandolin (about 1/16th"), with the skin on.

Parchment paper with spritzed olive oil and salt/pepper- cooking time was just over 4 minutes. The majority of the slices were nice and crisp and this was my personal favorite spice. I would rate the parchment paper as the 2nd most successful cooking surface: everything was crisp, nothing stuck, and the chips bent and curled on the edges.

Ceramic dinner plate with spritzed olive oil and Emeril Essence Creole Seasoning- This was the least successful cooking method as the about half the slices were not crisp and several stuck to the plate- they took almost 6:30 to cook and the plate was screaming hot out of the microwave. The slices that did succeed were very tasty, kettle chip crisp, and everyone loved the bite of the Emeril Seasoning.

Wax paper with pan roasted red chili powder and salt, PAM cooking spray. These took about 4:15 and came out fairly well. Some pieces stuck to the wax paper, some wax paper stuck to the chips, most were crisp, and for whatever reason these were the most distorted out of the tests- they looked like kettle chips. Unfortunately the season wasn't very good and the bits of wax paper were a turn off.

Brown paper bag with olive oil brushed on and a season mix that I use all the time for roasted potatoes- This was the most successful cooking method- no sticking, every chip was evenly cooked and crisp, plus they looked somewhat like kettle chips. I took a large thick brown paper bag that was in my pantry and cut out a sheet roughly similar to the inside of the microwave. I brushed oil onto both sides of the chip and then placed them on the paper. Cooking time was just under 5:00.

So, thank you for submitting this. I had fun experimenting with them and I'm going to keep trying new season blends using the brushed olive oil/brown paper bag method.

TL;DR- I set up several experiments and took an hour of my life to conduct them, plus another 15 minutes to type this so you can read the whole thing.

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