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Apr 3, 2011 11:02 PM CST
Name: Stormy
Valley Forge Pa
I Love MAM ~ So Happy Together
Hi Gals, it's great to see you both! Big Grin

I had to laugh when I read Kat's comments about waste. I make at least 4 pots of soup a week and save all of the produce ends, pieces, soon to be wilted stuff, shrimp shells turkey and chicken carcasses, cheese ends and meat scraps, ham rinds to make soup. Then I compost the shells and bones. I even freeze the woody ends of the asparagus and flavor the soup with them in cheesecloth and compost them too. I do the same with the tough parts of artichokes and broccoli too. I'm primarily looking to flavor the broth and increase the nutritional value with this approach

Years ago I had a swiss chef in my life and I managed his restaurant. As often occurs in that business, often I would end up filling in for some absent kitchen employee. We started at 5 am making the soups for lunchtime. 4 cauldrons ran all day and as we prepped anything, whatever we trimmed went into those pots to season the broths. Everyday the produce in the walkin was examined for any leaf starting to wilt and they went into the soups. There was not an ounce of waste anywhere. The over ripe fruit became struedels, puddings, pies, cakes or the basis for cocktail specials or sorbets or a sauce for a savory dish.

Often whatever didn't sell became the basis for the next day's soup. If we catered events as the steamship beef roasts were brought back in off of the truck, they were completely deboned and then the bones were boiled and the meat became all sorts of specials throughout the week. Leftovers formed the backbone of the sauces, soups and specials. We would grind the leftover beef to make hash for poached eggs as a lunch special. Shepherds pie would be a dinner special, etc etc. No food ever went to waste. Even the leftover rolls and breads went into the soups or became the bottom layer of sauced dishes if we already had enough croutons and bruschetta toasts.

Those habits die hard and I try to run my own kitchen that way now. I need to have a lot of inflammation fighters in my diet so my day always starts with a smoothie that is loaded with fruit and lots of fresh leafy greens. The nice thing about a blender is that you don't even half to remove the stalks from spinach, kale and chard. They just get chopped up and release their vitamins too.

I once read that the most nutritious part of citrus are the fibrous strings in the center of the fruit. We all always remove them as they are tough to chew and digest. The blender takes care of that too. Didn't mean to take over the thread, just wanted to share this. Smiling

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