Sally's Stories Continue

By Sharon Brown (Sharon) on June 29, 2011

Most of you have met Sally Ramsdell, Sunfarm. Here are more of her memories, insights and wisdom.

We met Sally here, and we heard another of her stories here. Join me now as we continue with two special insights from Sally. 




"What did you do this summer?" asked the second grade teacher of new student, Lee, 40 years ago.

"We moved from Muncie back to Lexington, mo
ved our furniture into the elephant house and then moved into our new house before school started," sa2011-06-29/Sharran/c20ef4id Lee. 

"The elephant house," mused the teacher, then called to warn the parents that their son was fantasizing, but the story was true.

We had found a new house to rent but it would not be ready for a week or two after we returned to Lexington. Friends offered their home to us while they went out of town. The problem was, what to do with our furniture in the interim?

Somehow a secure vacant building at a closed roadside zoo south of Lexington offered the answer. So we put our furniture in the elephant house. Our son told the truth!


The moral of the story?  Never underestimate the words of a child.




  Chance Encounters

26 JUNE 2011


Our daughter and son in law went to Winchester to get groceries this afternoon and stopped on the way back at a very rural intersection to take pictures of a highway department sign with graffiti. The sign read:  End State Maintenance. The sign was located a little more than 2 miles from our farm.  A passing SUV driver saw New York plates on their car and stopped to ask if they were lost. 

"No," said our son in law, "We are going to Sundance farm.  Thanks for offering help."

"Oh," said the driver of the SUV, "You know Sally & Richard?  So sorry about Sally."

"Yes, I am her son in law." 

Our daughter did not speak to the driver.

When our son in law came back to the farm, he told of the encounter and I was very upset because I thought our neighbors were talking about my impending demise.  As it turned out, the SUV driver was not a neighbor, he was not even from this county; he had just offered help when he could.

But he was the son of a man who was a coworker of mine in another county in 1976-1980; a man with whom I had kept in touch over the years. The man in the SUV had never met my kids (they were little and he was in his 20's back then), though his dad met them when I took them to work occasionally.  The dad (ex-coworker) had recently told his son about my illness but the son had never visited us and none of them even live in this county.

Last Tuesday, the dad and mother of the SUV driver visited us here at our farm. Then today, their son was at the road sign. 2011-06-29/Sharran/3c126f

Chance encounter?

Our farm is remote, far off the beaten path. As the sign said, we are past the end of state road maintenance. The son of my friend knew nothing about our location. But what are the chances of old friends stopping by on Tuesday, and their son, unknown to any of us, accidentally happening upon our children on Sunday?  

He was just offering help when he could; a chance encounter of the very best kind. 


Sally Ramsdell

28 June 2011



The words are Sally's. Thanks, Sally, for allowing me to do your typing for you. The elephant is one of my paintings and the photos of flowers belong to Sally. 


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I am a retired arts and humanities teacher who grew up in the Appalachian mountains of southeast Kentucky. I taught in Louisville, then eventually moved to far western Kentucky where I retired 4 years ago. I am an artist and a writer, and my favorite subjects to write about are the mountains and wildflowers of eastern Kentucky. They are very nearly my favorite subjects to paint, too. Truth is, I left my heart back in those mountains.

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