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Aug 25, 2010 9:39 AM CST
Name: Dave Kinneer
Fredericksburg, Virginia
The scenes in the movie supposedly shot in Washington state, in a little honky tonk, where Doo first urged Loretta to get up and sing were filmed in Blackey. The film company remodeled the inside of an old store to make it look like a tavern, complete with a bar (interesting since Letcher is a dry county). They left the building which was then used as a recreation center. Also, the scene on the railroad tracks where Doo was trying to get her to get back in the car was filmed 100 feet from the railroad depot pictured earlier in this thread and also visable in the last picture I posted, of Blackey, viewed from the railroad tracks. My mother watched them film the scene on the tracks (it was only 500 feet or so from her house), and every time she saw that movie (which was often), she would point to that location and also call out the names of the many locals that were in the bar scene.

I was gone during the the days of JFK's New Frontier and LBJ's Great Society, and the attention those programs focused on eastern Kentucky, but I heard plenty about it from my mother, at the time and later.

One quick way to get Mother riled up was to mention the name Charles Kuralt. He apparently brought his big bus to Blackey, looking for pictures that matched his preconception of what Applachian life looked like. He liked my mother's porch and old rocking chair but he wanted to film another woman in the chair ( a woman that chewed tobacco and for all the world looked and talked like Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies). Well, this didn't go over so well with Mother, but when he asked to use her bath room and she pointed to the out house, (which he declined), that did it for her, She told him he might find indoor plumbing in Hazard (about 25 miles away) but to her knowledge, no one in Blackey had it.

After that she always thought of him as a phoney and when she learned about his decades long "shadow" life with a woman in Montana, that surfaced after his death, that surely confirmed it, at least in her mind.

But as much as she disliked Kuralt, she adored Harry Reasoner. She found him very down to earth and genuinely interested in the people and the conditions in which they lived. He spent many afternoons on her porch and in fact, one of his daughters spent most of one summer, living with my mother. My mother corresponded with the Reasoners (Christmas cards, mostly) until his death in 1991 and with the daughter until my mother died in 1998.
David Kinneer
Fredericksburg, Virginia

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