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Jun 23, 2011 10:11 AM CST
Name: Sharon
As a result of this article and connections with other friends, Sally recently heard from a friend from her junior high years, one with whom she had lost touch.

She asked me to share the email with you here. Here it is....

Hi Sally,

I just finished reading about your life. Thank you for sharing it. Boy, you went to the prom. I went to one dance at East High School, and not one person asked me to dance. I went to a couple of dances at the U of U. The guys didn't know how to dance, and it really wore my legs out going around in circles. I asked a younger student to go to my graduation dance with me. He was really excited about going. I did a lot of dancing with groups. I belonged to the Village Folk Dancers, The U of U Square dance group: Ribbons and Spurs, The U of U Folk Dancers, and another folk dance group. Everyone danced in those groups. I was never comfortable going to the school dances, where you had to have a date.

I used to hide out in the restroom at Stewart School during dances. I was always afraid that nobody would ask me to dance. Dr. Crooks saw me coming out of a dance class at the U of U, and she said she knew I would like dancing if I just tried it. It wasn't the dancing, it was the socialization, and being afraid of being left out.

I think one of the first times I saw you was at the Utah Theater, and you won a bike in the spelling bee. I was so jealous of you. I wished that I could spell the way you could spell. Then I met you when I was over playing with Natalie.

My brother David almost got promoted two grades. He would have been in the same class with another brother, and my parents wouldn't let him skip those grades. The school let David go to lectures at the U of U, and they let him go to California with my grandmother for a whole month. He used to get bored with the things that were being taught at school. He was afraid of the other children. At the time I was jealous of David, but I learned he had a hard time socially. It seems there are always some things that cause children to have problems growing up. I used to drag David out to play. I dragged him out to dance, where he met his future wife.

Our oldest son is very bright, and had a hard time dealing with kids his own age. One doctor told us he would probably have social problems until he became an adult. Kids just don't know how to deal with you super smart people. I have felt much more comfortable around you as an adult, than I did when we were kids.

I always felt that you would do great things in your life Sally. It doesn't surprise me at all, the things that you have accomplished in this life.

Love, Nancy

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