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Feb 10, 2010 1:14 PM CST
Name: Linda (aka Mothermole) Parker-Eaton
Deer park, IL
This is my third year with a pond but only my second with the current pond. My first pond didn't work well and my fish were sick all the time so I had it re-done and installed a bottom drain with aeration and bio-filter-so much better than the first one. I have approx. 5000 gallons in the pond with a 35 foot stream and waterfall. I have mostly koi but a few commets, possibly a shubunkin but will know more in the spring to see what survived our brutal winter here in Chicagoland.

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Feb 11, 2010 8:25 AM CST
Hi Mothermole.
This is also my 2nd pond.
The first one was made from 5' diameter metal horse trough and I constantly had problems with keeping the water clear.

With this one I went overboard.
Lined with the bottom with 45mil liner, covered it with a mixture of mortar, tan colored concrete die, and then dusted the surface with walnut colored concrete hardener.
I added a bottom drain, skimmer, settlement chamber, sand/gravel filter, and biofilter.
All DIY's.
I dont have any more recent photos that show the overall pond than this one.
This was taken right after I filled with water this last July.

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Feb 11, 2010 8:28 AM CST
Forgot to add.
the pond now has a couple koi, comets, and shubunkins.
I took some rough dimensions and calc's amd I think its around 1,800 gallons.
Here's looking down into the biofilter.
Its filled with cut up pieces of floor buffer pads.

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Feb 11, 2010 8:29 AM CST
And this is why I lined the pond with concrete on top of the liner.
My dog fish posing.

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Feb 18, 2010 12:06 PM CST
Name: Linda (aka Mothermole) Parker-Eaton
Deer park, IL
Rayman: Love your pond-where are you located? My dog is forever playing in my stream and I do have a leak there that I have to fix in the spring. I love your long stream-very fun! I too put in all the bells and whistles in the 2nd pond and it is healthier and cleaner because of it. Please post more photos. BTW: Has your dog tried to catch the fish (My dog did catch one when he was a puppy but has since learned to leave them alone . . .)
Feb 19, 2010 9:44 AM CST
I'm in Tucson, Arizona.
Thanks for the compliment.
I also have some dog foot prints in the concrete along the stream that I didnt see until the concrete was hard as a rock.
How do dogs do that? LOL
The retreiver likes to watch them but leaves them alone.
We have a smaller dog that I've caught pulling out the slow ones near the surface.
She doesnt eat them just watches them flop around on the ground and when they are as dry as toast she leaves them be.
She hasnt done that in a couple months so I've got my fingers crossed that shes done with doing that.

Have you posted pic's of the 5000 gallon pond?
Feb 20, 2010 11:29 PM CST
Lakewood, WA, USA
That's quite a nice pond, Rayman! I love the stream! Do you get a lot of evaporation with that? I have a shorter stream and even here in Wa state, I have a lot of evaporation on a hot day in the summer.
My dogs stay out of the water, but they are Australian shepherds, so they are not prone to going into the water like a retriever is. They are herding dogs, however, and my smaller one tries to 'herd' the fish. He is hilarious as he goes from one side of the pond to the other, trying to keep the koi in a group! For the life of him, he has not yet figured out why they will not obey him!
My pond is about 4000 gallons, has a waterfall filter, veggie filter, and skimmer filter. I built it myself and I can't imagine not having a pond anymore.

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Feb 22, 2010 4:24 PM CST
In the summer I got a lot of evaporation out of it.
I need to top off about every other day.

I'd really like to see your fish herding dog. LOL

Nice pond. I like the natural setting and look to it.
Feb 24, 2010 1:42 AM CST
Lakewood, WA, USA
Thanks, Rayman. My husband put in an automatic filler in my pond, using a toilet tank filler valve. It works great and I don't have to get out the hose all the time now. I lose water in the summer, also, due to evaporation, and because there are so many different areas of the pond all connected to one another, it seems like I always have to find where I'm losing water one way or another. It's generally the waterfall due to water splashing. I'm working on that one.
This is Skippy, the Fish Herder! I don't have a photo of him herding the fish. Wish I did! Maybe I'll get one this summer.

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Mar 4, 2010 10:58 PM CST
Name: Linda (aka Mothermole) Parker-Eaton
Deer park, IL
Pixy: I enjoyed your posts. I have two dogs. The old timer is about 14 years old and actually "listens" to me (what a concept . . .). The new one is just over a year old. His interests include going through the dirty laundry pulling out our clothes (through the doggie door into the yard) and laying them all over the hill in our yard. Occasionally he tosses socks and underwear into the pond for the fish (generous of him - to think of the fish and all . . . LOL). He runs up and down the stream of the pond (hence my "evaporation" leak . . . my sump pump back up battery is dead after 8-9 months service due to all the work it had to do to keep up with the water splashed out and my suspecting a puncture from the dogs nails . . .). The fish worry equally about the pup as much as a heron. Two nights ago my pup (terrier mix) caught a field mouse outside and brought him in all chewed and half alive as a gift for me-I nearly died!

I hope to train the dog a bit better this season. The problem is I have to catch him in the act of wrongdoing to teach him not to do that this is hard when I am gardening.
Mar 5, 2010 2:02 AM CST
Lakewood, WA, USA
Roflol! Oh my goodness, he IS a puppy, isn't he! What a card! It's so hard to teach a dog not to do what comes naturally. Personally, I WISH my dogs would catch field mice and bring them to me, although I can live without the 'half chewed' part. Unfortunately, that would probably entail digging in my gardens, which they know better than to do.
I caught Skippy herding the fish yesterday and grabbed the camera. I just ask him 'Where are the fish?' and he runs to the pond.
Wish I had a photo of the day he fell through the ice. The pond had frozen over in November during an unseasonable cold spell. He started to walk across and in he went! Fortunately, my husband was there and could reach in and grab him. That was one cold little dog! I don't think he understood what had happened, poor thing.

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Apr 8, 2010 9:39 AM CST
Name: Bridgett
Sonoita, Arizona
Zone 8a
I have a black lab that gets into every body of water we have here on the ranch, including my poor sick pond! I know I have leaks, my other larger pond failed because the horses discover it Grumbling That pond will be rebuilt with a fence around it to keep the equine swimmers out Blinking
Ray; I read through the filter link you passed on to me in another forum, but I think I need to address the dog/leaking liner issues. Does the concrete disintegrate the liner? I thought gunite was what was needed for a decent sub-water material? Everyone I have spoke with who used only concrete have endless leaks and problems.

I am full of questions. I must do something about this pond. I want to do it mostly myself. HELP :crying:
Be the person your pet(s) believes you to be.
Apr 18, 2010 11:02 AM CST
Name: Ted Rogers
Reach out to God he loves you
My pond this morning after the rains. 51 fish in that somewhere.

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