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Mar 13, 2010 9:21 PM CST
Name: Don Galaway
Baytown, Texas (Zone 9a)
Linda, thanks for starting this Cubit. I am a rank beginner in ponding and fish raising. I put in a bathtub sized preformed pond last spring. Once it seemed to be established, we bought some goldfish to put in it. They lasted a few weeks, but several of them died for some reason. I'm sure it was something I did wrong. I am down to two goldfish and Sushi, the Koi, but have had them since early summer.

Once they quit dying and seemed to be thriving, we bought one Koi. I named him, "Sushi". He was maybe three inches long when we got him. By the end of summer, he had grown to abut eight or ten inches and it was obvious he would soon outgrow the pond, so I decided that I would build a larger pond this spring.

Well, good old Murphy had other ideas. During a particularly hard freeze, it must have developed a crack because their was only about six inches of water in it the next morning. So, I went ahead and built one about 8' X 10' X 2 1/2' deep at the deepest part. I estimate it to be about 750 gallons. Our winters are usually quite mild, so no worries about overwintering them in it.

I have a few plants from Texas Waterlilies, with several more to be shipped in a few weeks.

I don't know if it was just the spring algae bloom, but the water suddenly turned to pea soup. Not sure if it was coincidence or not, but my smallest goldfish, a fancy tail started staying at the surface, gulping, so I figured there must be an oxygen deficiency and bought an aerator and turned it to the highest setting.. It had the water rolling pretty good, but the fish were staying on the bottom, so I figured I did the right thing in buying the aerator. I turned it down to the lowest setting this afternoon and soon they were holding under the floating plants like they had been doing. I wondered if the high setting was scaring them, making them stay on the bottom.

I have been adding a little Hydrogen Peroxide every few days to try to clear up the algae and it is slowly getting better. I saw where someone added salt, so may give that a try too. How do you determine the salt content?

Sorry for the long diatribe, but wanted to get you up to speed so maybe you can offer advice on what I need to do.

Here is the old pond last summer:

Thumbnail by dgal
Click the image for an enlarged view.

Santa Don

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