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Feb 6, 2010 10:21 PM CST
Name: Alma
Phoenix & Cottonwood, AZ
USDA zone 9b, Sunset 13 & ??
Brenda, thanks for starting this. I'm sure many of us have changes we can talk about. Sometimes they're planned and sometimes, they come out of left field and leave us dizzy with surprise. As we get older, the surprises come more often than they used to. Whether health-related or financial, they can be life-altering. As I'm in that 'older' category (post 60), those are the ones I worry about most.

That said, I do like change. I get stale, stuffy and stultified if I don't have some change in my life frequently. I got stuck in that state after my mom died in '02. I lost two beloved pets in the next couple of years which also hit hard. To add to that, the wonderful vet who'd cared for my cat died of a blood clot following surgery for a minor accident. He was 34. I was stunned. I didn't realize what an impact these cumulative events had till I woke up one day to find moss on my north side. I was going through the semblance of a life, but without any real substance to it.

In the summer of '08, I decided to become a massage therapist. Just like that, I went to a community college orientation and enrolled in every pre-req needed for the program. Suddenly, I had a purpose. I had something to do and somewhere to go everyday. My brain cells got slapped into overdrive as I struggled through anatomy and physiology. I realized how much I love learning. And I was so happy to be accepted by my classmates and teachers, even though I was older than all of them! Being surrounded by young people was one of the perks of the whole experience. I made great friends.

I graduated my massage program in October and in early November, I began an intensive training course to become a nurse assistant. I finished that and now I'm waiting on my massage license and NA certification. (I got sick right after my NA class ended and turned in both apps late.) Precisely what I'll do is not clear, but I know I will use my training. I began with the goal of working with elderly, infirm and convalescing people. That hasn't changed but I did learn that I enjoyed working with all ages and types of people so I don't want to limit myself. My challenge now is to put a business and marketing plan in place.

I doubt I'll make a lot of money in this latest transition (I've made so many, I've lost count); in fact, I might live long enough to recoup my investment in classes, lol. But that's what life's about - doing what you want, what you enjoy - and with any luck it also helps others. I'd love to hear your feedback and if you have some experience or advice to share, that too.

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. – Thomas Jefferson

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