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Feb 7, 2010 12:26 AM CST
Name: Brenda
Dolores, Colorado
TF, your post gave me chills and leaky eyes at the same time. If I haven't said it before, I think you are awesome! Wow, how much you are doing always humbles and amazes me. You are one of my heroes!

We all go through times of challenge and change and crap and pain and sorrow and anger... and it is very, very good to come out of it. Some thing... whatever it might be, might spur a long dormant longing to DO... something! Those times when we feel frozen are the scariest of all. That is when we can barely rustle ourselves out of bed... but rustle we must! Some things require relentless, exhausting perserverence, but the one sure thing in life is change... shouldn't we try to affect the change as much as possible? Shouldn't we try to keep on keepin' on? Shouldn't we accept positive surprises with an open heart?

In my new job, I have to tell you all, I did not want to cook. I wanted to bartend. I got the cook job. The reason I didn't want to cook is that I cook all the time... every day. The last thing I wanted to do was cook more. Yet, I love cooking, and I guess that shone through somehow. And guess what, 3 weeks into my cooking job, I absolutely LOVE it! (It should be said that I am cooking in a place that puts out fresh, excellent food consistently). Would I have ever thought that I would be working as a cook? NO! But, I am loving it, surprise! So, let's all keep our minds open, okay? Desperation and true need can encourage you to go where you wouldn't before, but maybe it will lead you to the right thing for you, if you keep an open mind.

Money... well, I've lived in many price brackets in my life, and NOW I think what my parents taught me is correct... it's nice to have money (money can provide comforts, which I LIKE), but life and living are what really matters. Okay, I have to say that family was (and is) first and foremost to my Mother, and in this changing world of families, that is more and more challenging to experience. Families are in flux all the time now. Though I am divorced from my son's father (for many years now, I guess we're into decades), thankfully he is a very good father, and though he and I disagree on many things, I've always known that his heart is with his son, and he is a good Dad, so both my son and I are blessed with that. My son Phillip is a big grown up young man now, and I'm so glad he has his family.

So, in my rambling here, I really enjoyed every single minute of having a bunch of money, and I plan on enjoying every single minute of not having a bunch of money. Because what really matters is the living, the loving, the enjoying all that life has to offer, in all it's different facets

p.s. It's really good to do work that you love, even if it doesn't make as much money as some other choices. That is what I have learned lately.


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