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Oct 12, 2010 6:40 PM CST
Name: AnjL/Annmarie
CA Sierra Mts
Well, I havent been here for a long while. Too busy transitioning Hilarious! A lot has happened in just a few short months. I moved from our suburban home to our vacation home in the Sierras. DH is still living in the old home during the week, and then traveling up here on the weekends until he finds a job up here, and sells the old home.

The biggest change is that all the kids are gone now Sad DS, DD & DGS come up to visit twice a month, but just a few short years ago we had 8 kids living at home! Empty nests can be extremely LOUD in their silence! I am here by myself most of the time and that too is an adjustment. I also have to relearn where everything is, not only in the house, but stores, where to buy what, etc. Learning my way around this rural area has been an experience! Rolling on the floor laughing there are long long windy roads that dont ever lead to where you thought they were gonna take you, and none of the roads here are on my navigation system. If you ask someone where someplace is, or directions you get responses like 'over by the junction' (what junction?! Hilarious! ) or turn left at the hardware store...where is the hardware store?!

Thankfully I'm still resilient enough to learn some new ways. Now.... to find a church!
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