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Oct 23, 2013 9:02 AM CST
Name: Sandy
Texas 9b
It will be 2 years in January since I lost my Fighting Friend. Especially now the weather is cooler is when we started hanging out together and I think of her alot now. It will always be a deep hole in my heart and just when I think I can smile about her all the time a day like today hits. I only knew her from being in an outpatient mental health place we had group therapy 4 times a day. One day I said hey Chris I am going to come over and spend a weekend with you sometime. After that we were inseparable. She had breast cancer in the 80's and 9 months earlier she was diagnosed with it again but in her liver and it was stage 4. I saw her monday-friday and then we hung out as much as we could. That was around September I believe and we would laugh and buy plants together. Sometimes I would laugh so hard I would split my sides.

In January she started going down fast. After 15 months of Chemo she was losing the Fight. She gave me her old car as she told her son she knew I would come see her all the time if I had a way. It was funny you had to start it with a screw driver as it needed an ignition switch. The first time we hung out we were coming out of a store and I was about 6 feet in front of her and said OMGosh Chris I lost your keys....As fast as the shock entered her face it vanished and if she would have been closer she would have run over me with her walker or slapped me....I laughed and she laughed. I have a sense of humor that is so silly and Chris had fun. She loved Really loved life.

In January she went into the hospital and was there I am not sure but atleast a week. From there she went to a young lady whom was a friend of the family and Brandi took care of her. Brandi gave me her daughters room so I could be with Chris. Brandi is an exception person and truly an Angel sent from God. I was treated so very good. It was like I was Royalty. Brandi, her mom, her grandmother, her daughter and her husband treated me like I was always a part of their family. Actually better than my own son but that is. 99% of the time he would spit on me if I was on fire. Crying

on January 25th my daddy's birthday she passed as I was holding her hand and looking at her face. She was very peaceful. God sent me a true Angel of my very own (Chris) She loved beyond words , she was wise beyond her years, an amazing woman, Sister and friend. I told her once she was my best friend and she said ohhh Sondra I haven't had a best friend since high school. Before she passed I told her Chris I was wrong you are not my best friend and she looked at me and I said no you are much much more. You are my sister, my best friend.

There is so much more about her but it would be a 900 page book. Her family was great to me and involved me in everything. I was glad as I did say to them in the hospital to please don't leave me out as I am in for the long haul. She has 2 great sons and 2 wonderful grandsons and 2 fantastic daughter-in laws and lets not leave out Brandi and her family as I have never met anyone like them.

This was a story of a whirlwind friendship that let me so much richer than I was or ever could be.

I love you Chris and I will never forget you. For all of you Fighting the Fight you are someone's Chris. Someone is loving you as I did her and routing you on. You may have days you don't feel like a winner but feelings will deceive you. You are all winners....Keep fighting and no matter what you are a winner....My Champion. Even when your at your sickest from Chemo or radiation You are my Champion even when you don't see how that could be...I can Promise you that you are. There is someone or many someones just like me right there with you and right here with you.

Group hug Group hug Group hug
Dec 2, 2014 10:01 PM CST
Name: Critter (Jill)
Sandy, I know your thoughts are with your friend Chris as we head from Thanksgiving into Advent. Keep remembering the love and life and laughter that you gave to each other. True families aren't always about genetics!

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I'm learning to dance in the rain! Thank you, Sally & Chris.
Dec 2, 2014 10:40 PM CST
Name: Sandy
Texas 9b
I was thinking of her today. You are so right about genetics

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