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Hello cubiteers, My name is Mike, and I have spent my life developing a cluttered mess. My storage areas are like Fibber McGees closet. I first became aware of my clutter when DW ran out of space to store her clutter, and shoved it in with mine. This is war. Mine are possibilities, and hers is useless junk. I have been in a helpless state of clutter for so long, that I can't see my way out.
My thoughts are the things that cause clutter, is it begins with a cluttered mind. Trapped in the thought that its a helpless situation, and there is no help. I attended a birthday party for a dear one that was celebrating her 8th BD of sobriety. Thats wonderful. The people are sincere in helping each other grow, and I have developed a fond appreciation for each of them. They are real people, with real lives, and we all live here in this world together. I didn't want to call this forum " Clutters anonymous", but its the same cry for help, and I hope I'm not alone.
So, after giving this a serious thought, I thought that there was an opening for "Clutters" Am I alone? Mike

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Too Cluttered

I have awakened to the realization that I am owned and addicted to my own clutter. I am not at all an expert on much, and certainly not this subject. I feel like if we can just admit that there is a problem..together we can over come. Mike

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I'm very cluttered, but working to become uncluttered.