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This cubit is a forum for clay-workers of all kinds and all levels of experience. If you like to play in the mud and create original work, want to learn about ceramics, or just enjoy browsing, please share your adventures, triumphs, suggestions and questions.

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Image Work Days - One way to get projects done and have fun doing them!
By Janet on October 23, 2010

If you’re like me, you have a lot of items on your To Do list. For the past five years, some friends and I have been able to cross a lot of them off by helping each other with projects one day a month.

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Image Preparing Clay Pots for Winter Weather
By Janet on September 18, 2010

One of the advantages of living here in California is year-round gardening. But in my area we still have occasional temperatures down to 18 degrees Farenheit, and several months of below-freezing temperatures at night. Many of my large planters contain perennials that need to stay in place year-round, and I've had to figure out ways to help both plants and pots survive winter conditions. Some of the things I've learned may help you, too!

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Image What is “Vitrification”, and Why Should I Care?
By Janet on June 14, 2010

We container gardeners are always on the prowl for the perfect ceramic pot. We want it to last a long time, and provide a healthy environment for each plant. Of course, one of the most critical elements for container plants is soil moisture retention. You already know that plain terra-cotta pots have to be watered frequently, but that pots with a shiny glazed surface can go longer between waterings. Ever wonder why? It's all determined by the pot's clay chemistry. High-fired stoneware and porcelain clays contain large amounts of silica. When these clay bodies become vitrified (or “mature”), they are no longer porous.

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FAQ: What is a ceramic CONE and how is it used?

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