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Apr 14, 2015 4:21 PM CST
Name: Critter (Jill)
I've dealt with ADR for several years now, and you're going to love their bulbs! We're putting together another group buy this fall, so I'll probably resist this sale, but I can't resist adding my 2 cents. I've grown a lot of the varieties they carry!

Other than paperwhites, most narcissus grow just fine in the north. It's finding varieties that perform well in the south that's tricky, as many of them need a minimum number of chilling hours to form blooms.

'Carlton', 'St. Keverne' and 'Ice Follies' are all wonderful yellow daffs for the south. They've good naturalizers / multipliers for me. My MIL says you can never go wrong planting 'Ice Follies'. She has a big patch that bloom every Easter for her in NC.

All the tazettas do well in the south and are also excellent for forcing, requiring little to no cold period. They're also fragrant! Paperwhites are tazettas, but the non-paperwhite members of this class seem to be more sweet and less musky in their fragrance. Paperwhites are not hardy, but tazettas are fine as cold as zone 5 and maybe further with good mulching.

'Geranium' is a personal favorite among the tazetta daffs, flowering mid-season for me. Consider adding 'Cheerfulness' or 'Yellow Cheerfulness' with it for a similar look (several small flowers on a stem) that flowers later in the season. If you can find 'Avalanche', that's an early-season tazetta. These are all heirlooms, so you know they are good multipliers. :-)

I found a list in a Southern living article:
"Surefire Daffodils for the South
These daffodils bloom dependably in most areas and increase with little care: ‘Avalon’, ‘Carlton’, ‘February Gold’, ‘Geranium’, ‘Hawera’, ‘Ice Follies’, ‘Jack Snipe’, ‘Jetfire’, ‘Minnow’, Narcissus odorus, ‘Quail’, ‘Saint Keverne’, ‘Salome’, ‘Tête-à-tête’, ‘Thalia’, and ‘Trevithian’."

BTW, there are tulips you can grow in the south, also. Check out the little "species" types, T. saxitillus, T. tarda, T. clusianna, T. kaufmanianna, T. humilis, etc. They may not have the tall stems and stately blooms of their cousins, but I love them!

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