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Apr 16, 2015 9:25 PM CST
Name: barb allison
Fate, Texas zone 8a
kami i am going to ship your 6 pardancanda with this order.

susan this is what i am shipping to kamikid......
3 Jack Attack
2 Kabluey
2 sensation
3 pink parfait
6 pardancanda from the 3.25 sale and that will clear kami up for both of these.

here is what i am shipping liliesandladybugs....
1 sc sonata
1 wild horses
2 lady neva
3 something bold

eremerus.....1 each from this sale

iris..from this sale
10 small contrast in styles
1 of everything else
pink parfait
cajun sunrise
delta star
jack attack
sensation....and that will clear L&L from the dl sale and this one.

i am shipping to loretta nj..........LORETTA SPEAK NOW (!!!LORETTA ALERT!!! READ ME) but i was going to go ahead and ship everything that is here from the 3.25 sale including the orostachys. they still look a little tender so i would keep them inside until temps are warmer. one of the agastache has been delayed but i was in such a rush after unpacking plants to get to the post office to mail the plants i got last week that i forgot to see which one so if you ordered that one it won't be in there. it will ship later. but anyway here is what i am shipping to loretta....

1 each of
Contrast in Styles

then from 3.25 sale
1 ag. blue boa
1 ag. bolero
1 ag. summer glow
1 ag. summer sky........(KEEP READING LORETTA)....i think bolero is the one but it might have been tango. so if it is bolero i'll ship it with something else when it comes. and another thing on the agastache they came in all fresh and pampered and if plants were pink instead of green i would say they were baby's butt pink. that's how new they are. but when they hit the air they began to wilt and the sun even burned some edges and they were in the shade. so that is what i mean about sheltering these plants fresh from the greenhouse. agastache grow fast and all of that will disappear soon. i try to get them early enough to let them season before i ship so if you do not want me to ship these now say so please. next week was when they were supposed to ship.

1 thunderhead sedum
i iwarenge orostachys........on the orostachys.......only a couple looked "new". one of them was huge. i'll look over them closer tomorrow.
3 spigelius

and that will clear loretta up.

here is what i am shipping janestone .....

3 penstemon dark towers
1 doz. penstemon tenuis
2 pepita roses
2 neon roses
2 innocencia roses
5 pardancanda lilies.........and this will clear janaestone up for that new sale i started plus the 3.25 sale.
3 spigelius
3 abbott's magic dl's
3 christmas kiss dl's

HERE IS what i am shipping christine00..........hey christine check this. i thought you ordered dl's or spigelius but could not find an order. lmk if this order is right..
1 each
cajun sunrise
contrast in styles
pink parfait

orostachys from 3.25 cent........christine a couple of these are not hardened off yet so keep them inside and ease them out the door. and be careful watering them when they're this young. if you prefer i wait a week to ship these i will but the iris have to go tomorrow/sat. LMK IF YOU DO NOT WANT ME TO INCLUDE OROSTACHYS.
1 each

and i will be shipping all the other orders that come in on this sale by saturday. if it's someone who has plants in the other sale i'll let you know.

AND JUST TO BE CLEAR ON THE OROSTACHYS.....these are not small 72 ct. plants. they're in 2.5 inch pots. but a couple have some top growing to do. i haven't checked any roots. at least one of them is really big. if you are in a cold place you need to keep them inside until they're tougher..

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