Inquiring Photographer: Orchid Cubit Member Sugarcane

By Kathy Puckett (boojum) on September 20, 2010

I have been thinking about the people I talk to every day online and realized I probably don't know them as well as I would like. Sooo, I have created this member interview feature! I hope you enjoy learning about our members as much as I do!

Here are the questions that I ask each member:

1. Please tell us about yourself. (ex.: your past, your professional status, now, where you grew up, where you live now and the zone, etc.)
2. Do you garden besides growing orchids? Tell us about it.
3. What is your favorite music, films, books, quotations, etc.
4. What other hobbies do you have? Tell us about them.
5. Tell us about your interest in orchids and how it progressed.
6. What is most important to you? Who are your heroes?
7. What are your dreams and aspirations?
8. What makes you laugh?

Lindsey, thank you so much for agreeing to become An Orchid Obsession interviewee!!!

I grew up in North Andover, Massachusetts. I left home when I was 16 and supported myself by selling silver jewelry to my fellow high school students. During my senior year, I was chosen to participate in a weekend program at Massachusetts College of Art. I really enjoyed off loom weaving which is done on something other than a loom. I used old bent bicycle wheels, wooden hoops that were remnants from a drum manufacturer or the weft was held apart in some other fashion. I loved the colors and the textures! After graduation, I moved to a slum in Lowell, Massachusetts, a 3rd floor walk-up with no heat! To stay warm in the winter, I had to turn the oven on, but my cymbidium orchid bloomed that first winter! Along the way, I picked up a camera and took pictures of my work as well as flowers..mostly, I loved extreme macro shots. I sold my weavings at large craft shows in Boston, Virginia Beach, and Coconut Grove, Fl. Sometimes I made money, sometimes not, but it was great fun and I met so many interesting people.


But in my twenties, I grew tired of starving and freezing to death, so I applied to and was hired by Eastern Airlines.

I took the job fully expecting to stay with it for just a few years. A few years turned into 16 years before I knew it and then it was all over; Eastern went on strike and never returned. My first husband had taken a job in Nelson, BC, Canada and I was lucky to get a job as an undocumented worker! 

I was hired as a dessert chef at a fancy French bistro called "Justine's." I had totally made up my resume; everything was a lie except my name and phone number. That first week was the most frightening and exciting time of my life! I am very proud of the fact that when I got there, they were selling one cheese cake a week and when I left, they were selling 7! Several years later, I got a phone call from the old chef at Justine’s, she told me that she thought I had been brought in to take over the kitchen! When I told her my secret she just died laughing because she had no clue!

Almost a year to the date of Eastern going under, I returned to flying, this time with Northwest Airlines. This was also the end of my first marriage. I was based out of New York and was flying non stops to Asia. It was a fabulous time, I got to see the temples of Kyoto and some really wonderful gardens and took every opportunity to go to a museum. After 3 years in New York, I had a chance to return to flying out of Boston. I was lucky and got to rent an adorable carriage house across the street from where I grew up in North Andover. Flying out of Boston was great ...we mostly flew to Europe: Amsterdam, London, Glasgow, Rome, Paris.

And this is where I met my best friend in the world, Wyatt. We have been together 16 years now, we actually got married on our 10th anniversary! Together we have rebuilt an old 30 ft mahogany sloop, and a floating house...if you’ve ever watched the totally forgettable movie ‘Navy Seals’ you’ll see our old house. We used it as a rental for a few years before selling it and moving to North Carolina. We both have retired from flying now. I still can’t believe that I did it for 28 years! We moved to Greenville to be closer to Wyatt’s family. Our house sits on an acre and a half of beautiful soil and he is happy to dig as many holes, truck in as much compost as is needed, and has promised me a greenhouse, soon!

My Dad introduced me to orchids. We used to do lots of different road trips together and I remember going to a museum in Cambridge at Harvard to see these amazing works of art...orchids made of glass. We also went to a huge orchid show in Miami. Although I don't remember it, he's probably the one that gave me that first cymbidium plant. I am thankful to him for all the wonders he exposed my young mind to! My Dad was a musician before he became a dad, so our house was always filled with big band, show tunes, bossa nova and classical music. Today, I listen mostly to jazz and world music, but there will always be a soft spot in my heart for a good old Sousa March! My Dad was my hero.  My family is important to me and they are the source of most of my laughter...besides my self, of course!


My current dream...they are always changing and to grow orchids well.  To see how many kinds I can keep happy and blooming, and to take the best possible photographs of them!

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About Kathy Puckett
Kathy is the admin for An Orchid Obsession. She is a speech-language pathologist, a former professional artist, a photographer, and an avid orchid grower. And most of all she likes to learn about the folks she chats with every day on her cubit.

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