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Apr 17, 2010 5:38 PM CST
Name: kenboy
Big Sandy TX zone 8
I started breeding peafowl in 1984 and went to work on a peafowl farm in 1992 until 1997. After getting to 1,200 birds my boss figured out he was not going to get richer, got out of peafowl altogether. I moved one mile down the road and started back breeding for myself. I am no longer interested in breeding birds to sell, just for my own enjoyment. I do have birds for sell at times but that is just to help pay the feed bill.

I started breeding several different bloodlines but have backed off on some due to loss of birds from predators. My number one predator is dog, dropped off by people who think think they are doing the dag a favor. We rented for years and are now buying our home so I am building newer and more secure pens. I now also have a male Great Pyrenees and he at least keeps other male dogs away.

I now only breed pure Povo muticus muticus and hybrids between the muticus and the India Blue referred to as Spaldings. I have several friends who help me with my breeding program and I try to help them as well. Sometimes we work on the same lines.

One bloodline I was working on is the Cameo Spalding. I bought a pair that I am guessing were somewhere around 7/8 Green blood. They had long legs and a tight crest but very little yellow on their cheeks and the feathers were lacking the scale look that is so prominent on the neck of Greens. Cameo, as well as Purple and Peach are a sex-link color. Breeding a Cameo cock to any hen produces all Cameo hens and Wild Type cocks that are split to Cameo. Cameo hens bred by any other color, produce all split cocks and Wild Type hens. Hens can not be split to a sex-link color, they are either that color or not.

Several years ago I bred My 7/8 Cameo hen to a pure Java cock and took a 15/16 cock from that breeding and sent to my friend in NY, Norm Johnson. He bred this split cock to a pure muticus spicifer hen. A split cock produces 1/2 Cameo hens and 1/2 Wild Type hens and 1/2 split cocks and 1/2 Wild Type. He produced several cameo hens at 31/32 Green blood and sent my two of these hens. I cared for them until they were three years old and had them in a pen with a Java cock, hoping to get another split cock at 63/64 Green blood but a stray dog killed all three birds in Spring of 2008. Norm has a couple more of these 31/32 Cameo hens and I will get another and start back on this bloodline when I get enough pens built to keep them securely. When I get a 63/64 split cock I will breed him back to the 31/32 hen and produce Cameo cocks and hens. Then I will breed Cameo to Cameo and produce only Cameo. To my knowledge we are the only ones who are breeding Cameos above 7/8 Green blood and have several people interested in acquiring some. Picture is of a young Cameo Spalding cock at 7/8 Green blood.

Next I will discuss my Pied Spalding line.

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Apr 30, 2010 7:51 PM CST
Name: kenboy
Big Sandy TX zone 8
I started breeding Pied Spalding peafowl in 2001 and have had several setbacks, stray dogs again. Pieds are a strange color pattern in that what people call a true Pied is a peafowl that is Heterozygous to pied and Heterozygous to White. In other words it is split to Pied and split to White. Years ago some breeders did not like the Pied because it did not breed true. That was because they did not understand their breeding. If you breed a Pied to a Pied you get 1/2 Pied, 1/4 White and 1/4 Dark Pied. Dark Pieds look like a Wild Type with a few white feathers in their wings and maybe a throat patch. To get a true Pied you must also have the White gene, so it is codominant to White. Whites and Dark Pieds are both Homozygous. White breed to White produces all White and Dark Pied breed to Dark Pied produces all Dark Pied but White bred to Dark Pied Produces all Pieds.

I traded some birds to Harald Carted in AR. and got several White and Dark Pied 2001 hatch birds that were from his Pied Spaldings that were 7/8 Green blood. As with the Cameo I was not satisfied with the amount of Green blood in the birds so I breed everything back to the Javas. This gave me birds that were split to White and birds that were split to Pied, all 15/16 Green Blood. I have bred the split to White to the split to Pied and have hatched several 15/16 Pieds but something always happens to them before they become adults. I have bred the 7/8 to the 15/16 and come up with a couple of 29/32 but have sold these birds because I am holding out for more Green blood.

As I said I am not doing this for money. A India Blue hen is sort of browish gray in color, with just a little green Iridescence on the neck, but the Green hens are colored all over just like the cocks. I want a Pied Spalding where even the hens are white and green not a brownish gray.

Picture below is a 4 month old Pied Spalding hen that is 7/8 Green blood. Her neck is very green but it stops there. I have eggs of 15/16 birds in the hatcher that should hatch tomorrow. If I get a Pied I will take pictures and post.

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May 3, 2010 12:16 PM CST
Name: Susan B
East TN
She's a gorgeous bird. Looks like she's wearing a pretty shawl or scarf!
Jun 20, 2010 8:34 PM CST
Name: kenboy
Big Sandy TX zone 8
OK I did hatch a 15/16 Green blooded Pied on the 1st of May and then another today. Here is a picture of the first Pied hatched this year;

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Jun 20, 2010 8:36 PM CST
Name: kenboy
Big Sandy TX zone 8
And here is a picture of the second Pied;

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Jun 21, 2010 7:38 PM CST
Name: AnjL/Annmarie
CA Sierra Mts
aww! how adorable!!
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