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Feb 22, 2010 2:09 AM CST
Name: Cheryl
Gate (Rochester) WA
Types of Housing; housing needs.
Cheryl ~ Pea
Peafowl Haven
Feb 24, 2010 10:18 PM CST
Name: Cheryl
Eastern Ky
Truth should be everpresent.
What do you think of hoop houses for chickens?
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Feb 25, 2010 2:46 AM CST
Name: Cheryl
Gate (Rochester) WA
Great question Cajun!

I personally think very highly of them for any fowl (you wouldn't believe what my dogs cover is Rolling on the floor laughing ). I think they are very efficient and inexpensive to do. The provide a lot of space for a few large birds or quite a few chickens.

My niece ~ 15yr old, learning & not sure she really likes it; but earning money Smiling ~ and I have started to repair an old one. It was used for chickens & Peafowl for under cover housing when I was free ranging them. Since then, most chickens are now gone - down to 4 now - and to protect those I have left, they are in an enclosed 'hoop' house of sorts.

Keep in mind, I do not have a lot to spend. Therefore, my housing consists of what I refer to as 'Costco Tarp Tents'. Essentially a covered carport made of poles and covered with fitted tarps. They are about 20ft long 12ft wide & 12+ft high in the center (believe it is 10ft on the sides). These have long since lost their original tarps, ropes & bungees, etc.

My son & I modified a domed shaped one years ago. If you look at the few pixs I have on the forum so far, you can make out the tarp, poles & wires in it. I enclosed the entire 'carport' with 2" chicken wire - not easy getting round the curved areas; needed extra there. Left 2ft around the bottom to discourage digging predators. Learned I needed 1" x 2ft all around the inside bottom to keep the peachicks from jumping out through the wire BIG NOTE HERE: should be higher - 3ft? - last chick got out anyway, then couldn't get back in! I then covered back portion with tarps. Using the silver and 'Costco' blue tarps works best / last longest. The door was a major challenge. Confused Let the woodworking teen deal with it at the time. lol

As my niece & I progress with our project, I will post on a new thread. We can only work weekends and only when not pouring, etc. So far, we cleared the weeds and got wire over the width of the 'carport'. The ends will be the slow / challenging part. Then the door -- still deciding on that, but have an idea or two..... Blinking

Is this what you had in mind? I know there are many ways to do hoop houses - that's how I got the idea. I just used items I already had. Not even sure if mine would really be considered a hoop house...

Rambling ~ sorry! Gives ya something to think about though
Cheryl ~ Pea
Peafowl Haven

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