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Feb 6, 2010 8:32 AM CST
Name: Deb
I lost all 5 of my cats the week before Thanksgiving last year. I had taken my youngest, Parker, to be neutered at a low cost clinic. At the clinic he was evidently exposed to feline leukemia virus. Within a few days he had an upper respiratory infection, which was transmitted to my girls. Within a month, they were all gone. Two of my son's cats also died, my son's youngest Gizmo, was taken in at the same time as Parker for neutering.

My two oldest girls were feral born sisters. A neighborhood woman fed the mother cat who presented her with a litter of kittens. Odette and Tarquinne were 12 years old.

Kyo, was my daughter's cat. She was 3 years old, all sleek black. My daughter had just moved into her first apartment a month earlier and meant to take Kyo with her, but was still getting things set up. If only she had taken her right away, she would still be alive.

MiuMiu was my little feral. I caught her in my garage, she was only 5 or 6 weeks old when I caught her. She was the sweetest thing, she was 2 when she died. That's her in the picture below

Parker was feral born, too. I think his mother was a sister to my MiuMiu. After I caught her, I did see other tiny cat footprints in the snow outside, but never saw another cat, until the next summer when I saw Parker, a little goopy eyed kitten on a shelf with my gardening things. I borrowed a trap, and trapped both him and his mother Camilla. She has been living with my aunt since last summer, so she wasn't exposed.

My son's boys, at least two, were like my own. Dexter and Tucy had lived with me for 2 years, up until last spring when my son moved out. They were feral born, my son's friend found 2 live kittens along with a dead littermate in an outside shed. My son brought home the two brothers. We lost Tucy to this virus, too. And my son had just gotten Gizmo earlier this year. He was 6 months old, and succumbed to this horrible virus, too. So far Dexter is still doing OK, he had the same symptoms, but right now it has cleared up. We know he has the disease, and it's a matter of time, but right now he's OK.

So, this is in memory of:

By the way, if this story sounds familiar, I am momcat on DG. That name just doesn't feel right any more.


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Feb 8, 2010 1:20 AM CST
Name: Susan AKA lincolnitess
Southeast NE zone 5
Deb, I get teary everytime I read your story. I'm so sorry for all you lost. How hard to lose so many so close together. I hope Dexter does Ok for a few more year and I bet there are other cats out there that will find you. I think cats can feel when someone has love in their heart and are attracted to it.

Feb 8, 2010 7:19 AM CST
Name: Deb
Thanks Susan,

maybe some day, I'll have another cat. Not for a while.

May 29, 2013 3:26 AM CST
Name: anthony Gloriosoides[ sure!]
idonthavemuch-but i have everything
My God- I am sorry for you.. Anthony.... My 6 were spaced out over 8 years, and I thought I was cursed...........Feral kittens [brings back beautiful memories]
lily freaks are not geeks!
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May 29, 2013 6:45 AM CST
Name: Deb
Thanks Anthony, it's hard to believe it's been over 3 years.

I did get 2 more cats, a brother and sister, Emily and Evan, somewhere here there is a thread titled Noo Kitties, that tells about them. I lost Evan at a little over a year old. The vet diagnosed him with Feline Infectious Anemia, but he didn't respond to the treatment, the vet's office never charged for his followup treatment, he was in their office when he died, so, it's my feeling they misdiagnosed him and were feeling guilty, otherwise they never pass up an opportunity to charge.

Emily is doing good, and my son's cat Dex is back with me, and still doing good. He and Emily have different part of the house, because he has taken a dislike to other cats (which is why Dex is with me, he sent my son's girlfriends cat to the vet after a big fight).

Sometimes I think it was easier dealing with losing so many at once, than at losing them spread out over a few years. It was devastating at the time, but, it was over and done, and I slowly pulled my life back together. I've watched my neighbor lose a couple of cats spaced a few months apart, and it seemed like she was just getting used to life without one, and then the next one passed. It's never easy, but, it's something we must face when we surround ourselves with pets whose life spans are so much shorter than our own. It just seems especially hard, when they are lost at young ages.

Now, I'm sitting here at work, in tears. Must pull myself together and be productive!

May 30, 2013 4:13 AM CST
Name: anthony Gloriosoides[ sure!]
idonthavemuch-but i have everything
Can I tell you the truth.. Im absolutely lost.. I lost Sooty on 2/3 and to this day, I drive in my truck everyday, thinking'why'?-I dont even know the cause of his breakdown and will never return to the vet surgery, as all it has ever meant was hope, then eventual death,.Deb, Im a big tough man, I have 'Gizmo'[2006] tattooed across my chest, but I still get very upset, when I think about all my beautiful babies....I wont be getting another cat[ Im too old and stupid][probably spoil them too much] Hilarious! I still have 3 big birds, who I know , miss the cats, incredibly... Just like us!!-Anthony
lily freaks are not geeks!

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