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Aug 12, 2011 6:25 AM CST
Name: BirdieBlue
Piedmont N.C.
Today is a gift from God, Use it we
Angel Here is a story that I sent to Carolina Poodle Rescue (where I got Pookie[Presley] last Nov).
It is dedicated to my precious, loyal Elvis.

Hi Donna,

It is with a sad heart that I muat report my dear 15yo Elvis
(LilElvisLovesMeTndr,CD) crossed over the rainbow bridge Monday. I
had been preparing for this for a while. He had a severe seizure very
early Monday Morning and was totally disoriented and confused for over
two hours afterwards. At 7:30 When Abri Vet Hosp opened , We went to
see Dr Bochalis.
He confirmed that Elvis' neck lumps were his mph nodes as I had
suspected and that he most likely had some type of lymphoma. I
immediately said, "then it's time isn't it!" He told me that there
were expensive tests he could run to determine exactly what type, but
with what I described that morning, they would only get more frequent
and more severe. Elvis saved my life at 18 mos old by awakening me
in a house fire. This was my turn to save him and eliminate any
further suffering. Dr B & I discussed many of the special times and
how wonderful Elvis was and how very much he loved me. Even in his
own confusion and whatever pain he may have been experiencing, Elvis
immediately upon feeling my emotional pain snuggled his head to cuddle
into my neck, and then checked each eye to lick away my tears. I held
him oh so close and told him over and over how special he was and how
much I loved him and that soon he would be fine and palying with many
wonderful animals and never have any more pain or feel old.Dr B (who
has treated Elvis for his entire 15 years with me) had to remove his
glasses after finding the vein as he also shed tears with me. He had
loved my boy also over so many years.

Elvis was a very special guy and touched many lives over his life
time. At 18 weeks,people at a Raliegh show were asking me 'where did
you get him? He's beautiful!" My friends at the dog training club
remember him as the funny young guy who was determined to heal around
the ring....but on his hind feet!! I must have said "4 feet" 1,000
times that 1st year of training. I could tell many other stories
about Elvis, but God sent me another little Poodle boy to help me thru
this that I need to mention.

Pookie! Last November I got Pookie from CPR. Donnna said he was the
perfect dog for me and indeed he is. I feel quite confident that
Pookie (who now is Pookie Presley] is a distant nephew of Elvis'.
Elvis' breeders lived in Cary. NC. The husband had passed a number of
years ago and the wife had passed about 4 years ago. Guess where
Pookie was found! "wandering the Raleigh area'...which includes

Yesterday morning I took Pookie/ Presley in for all his annual Vet
stuff and Dr Bochalis was astounded. As he held and cuddled Pookie ,
he commented on how he looked and felt just like Elvis. Our friends at
the Winston Salem Dog Training Club say the same thing.

Thank you Donna and CPR and God for sending Pookie to me. He is
loving me over this mountainous loss and is just the perfect guy to do
it! We will be starting Beginner !! at the dog club in a few weeks
and I won't even have to say '4 feet' this time.

Sheri & Pookie Presley Angel Thumb of 2011-08-12/BirdieBlue/fe42fd
Thumb of 2011-08-12/BirdieBlue/bc150d
Thumb of 2011-08-12/BirdieBlue/c27eeb
Thumb of 2011-08-12/BirdieBlue/bda656

Remember; Each day is a gift from God. Use it wisely!
Aug 15, 2011 10:21 AM CST
Name: BirdieBlue
Piedmont N.C.
Today is a gift from God, Use it we
I forgot to mention that at 18 months old Elvis woke me during a kitchen house fire that quickly spread. He was able to save me, 2 cats Nd my house from totally burning down.

Yep, he certainly was my special guy!

Sheri Angel

Remember; Each day is a gift from God. Use it wisely!
Dec 13, 2011 12:51 AM CST
Name: Cheryl
Eastern Ky
Truth should be everpresent.
He was a beauty. And what a blessing to have him be a part of your life for so long.
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